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These items are helpful to have on hand, you may even find yourself using them in your kitchen for more than just cheese making. You'll find detailed information for each item on its product page and in our learn and resource sections as well.

Arched Wire Cheese Cutter

    This is the perfect tool for cutting thin pieces of soft cheese. The wire is thin enough to easily cut through the cheese with no sticking or dragging. It will not crush the surface or smear the cut edge like most cheese knives. This is a great...

    Price: $17.95
    Cheese Curd Scoop Cheese curd scooper, soup saver scoop, curd ladle, curd scooper, curd scoop, curd ladle

      One of our customers raved about a new scoop which helped her to easily ladle her curds into our small cheese molds. After trying one out, we agree! This scoop is quite the little helper when it comes to transferring curds. In no time at all you...

      Price: $7.95
      Double Handle Cheese Knife

        This is a two handled, heavy duty knife, with a very rugged blade for cutting and sectioning larger wheels of cheese. Use this knife when two hands and a bit of body weight behind it are needed for the job. This is an excellent knife for harder...

        Price: $67.95
        General Purpose Cheese Knife

          This general purpose cheese knife is good for cutting small wheels of aged cheese, as well as softer cheeses. The offset handle makes it especially easy to make a clean cut without your hand limiting the cut. If you have only one cheese knife, this...

          Price: $24.95
          Soft and Semi Soft Cheese Knife

            This is the perfect knife for cutting very soft cheeses. The blade is very narrow and  moist cheeses will not stick to it. This knife was designed as a Gorgonzola knife, but is perfect for all soft and semi-soft cheeses. It would be great for...

            Price: $24.95
            Curd Knife 14"

              A curd knife is essential in the cheese making process. With this knife you can easily cut uniform curds to properly release the whey. Having no sharp edges, this curd knife is also a great option when making cheese with kids. DESCRIPTION: Curd...

              Price: $9.95
              Curd Knife 12"

                An essential tool in the cheese making process. Having a curd knife with a long flat blade makes it easy to cut uniformly cut your curds from top to bottom. This knife is proudly made in the USA. DESCRIPTION: Curd Knife with 12" Stainless Steel...

                Price: $22.95
                Greek Yogurt Maker greek yogurt maker, greek yogurt, greek yoghurt maker, makeing greek yogurt at home, make your own greek yogurt at home, home made greek yogurt, make your own greek yogurt, make your own greek yogurt, greek yogurt strainer

                  Now you can prepare Greek yogurt quickly and easily! This unique strainer transforms up to 2 quarts of homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator. Enjoy healthy dips...

                  Retail: $39.99
                  Price: $29.95
                  Yogurt Cheese Maker yogurt cheese maker, yogort chese, yoghurt cheese maker, yoghurt cheese, makeing yogurt cheese at home, make your own yogurt cheese at home, home made yogurt cheese, make your own yogurt cheese, make your own yogurt cheese, yogurt cheese strainer

                    This strainer is the answer to many a cheese makers question about how to make yogurt cheese. Now you can create thick, creamy yogurt cheese. Just add your own yogurt and you will have delicious yogurt cheese in 2 to 24 hours. You can also make a...

                    Price: $17.95
                    13" Stainless Steel Flat Ladle

                      Made for scooping curds, this handy stainless steel ladle is a great addition to your cheese making supplies. DESCRIPTION: Stainless Steel with 9" handle and 4-1/4" diameter ladle.USAGE: Use to ladle curds from pot into cheese cloth lined mold for...

                      Price: $12.95
                      Mini Measuring Spoon Set

                        This measuring spoon set is great for getting just the right amount of culture for your recipes when using our large culture packs. DESCRIPTION: Stainless Steel with the following measurements. Tad: 1/4 tsp. Dash: 1/8 tsp. Pinch: 1/16 tsp. Smidgen:...

                        Price: $5.95
                        Small Cheese Trier

                          This cheese trier is used for testing the readiness of your cheeses without cutting them open. When inserted into the cheese a sample core is removed. It is evaluated for taste and texture and the remaining piece is then returned to the cheese so...

                          Price: $65.95
                          Large Cheese Trier cheese trier

                            This #1 professional cheese trier is used for testing the readiness of your cheeses without cutting them open. When inserted into the cheese a sample core is removed. It is evaluated for taste and texture and the remaining piece is then...

                            Price: $170.00