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    We are pleased to announce the premier of Will Studd’s Cheese Slices #5.

    Filmed on location over the past eighteen months, this entertaining and informative new series includes travels to the dramatic mountainous cheese-making regions of Norway, Scotland and Piedmont, and the rolling green pastures of Germany, Denmark and Wales. With rare, behind-the-scenes footage of traditional cheese-making in Provence and Sicily, and a special look at artisan cheese making in Tasmania.

    There is a revolution happening in the world of cheese. A growing interest in how cheese is made, and where it comes from, is encouraging an exciting global resurgence in artisanal cheese–making. Consumers are demanding tastier more interesting cheeses with distinctive flavors, textures, and aromas. But to recognize them we need to know what is out there, and what makes the difference.

    In this entertaining new series of Cheese Slices, Will Studd travels through some of the world’s most beautiful countryside to look at a diverse variety of authentic regional cheeses. Filmed on location over eighteen months it includes ancient classics from the dramatic mountains of Norway, Scotland, and Piedmont, and well known benchmarks from the rolling green pastures of Germany, Denmark and Wales. With rare behind-the-scenes access to traditional cheese-making in Provence and Sicily, plus a special look at cheese making in Tasmania.

    CONTAINS NINE EPISODES (2-disc set, approx. running time: 261 minutes)

    1 Norway - The cheese legacy of the Vikings
    2 Sicily - Traditional flavoured Pecorino cheeses
    3 Denmark - The Nordic cheese revolution
    4 Scotland – Artisan cheeses from the Highlands and Islands
    5 Piedmont – Rare traditional cheeses from the hills and Alps
    6 Wales – Artisan cheese champions
    7 Tasmania - The new cheese Pioneers
    8 South East France - Traditional cheeses of Provence
    9 Germany - Artisan cheeses of Germany

    Will Studd has worked with specialist cheese for more than three decades. After establishing delicatessens in central London in the 1970s, he migrated to Melbourne, Australia, in 1981, where he has done much to promote a greater understanding of what good cheese is all about, as well as championing the cause for cheese made from raw milk.

    Will’s first book, Chalk and Cheese, was published in 1999 and won a number of major international awards. It has since become highly sought-after by cheese aficionados. His follow-up title, Cheese Slices, was published in October 2007.

    In 2002, the French Government awarded Will the Ordre du Mérite Agricole for his defence of traditional raw milk cheese. He is also recognised by France’s prestigious Guilde des Fromagers as a Maître Fromager (Master of Cheese) and is the guild’s sole ‘ambassadeur’.

    Since 2004, Will has been the executive producer and presenter of Cheese Slices, the world’s only television series focused on international artisan and traditional handmade cheeses.

    Will is the founding director of Fromagent Australia and Calendar Cheese Company.