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    We are happy to offer you this wonderful book written in 1972 for your enjoyment. Mr Ehle was writing this book about the same time that Ricki was wondering what to do with all of that "extra milk" from the "Cow out Back" so that makes them both pioneers in the revival of small scale cheese making in America.

    DESCRIPTION:  "The Cheeses and Wines of England and France" with Notes on Irish Whiskey, by John Ehle (401 pages, paperback)
    This is one of the first books I read when I became interested in the traditional cheesemaking adventure. It is still one of my all time favorites next to Patrick Rance's "French Cheese". I am sure both of these were responsible for some of the drive to meet these cheesemakers and learn from them.

    Besides having a fabulous desire to learn more about the "Old Ways" and traditions, Ehle is a very good writer and presents this book in a style that has you traveling with him to visit these people in his travels. It is all about History, Tradition, and the Process. This makes it not only informative for making cheese but a very enjoyable read as he pulls the people and places into the journey.

    As the title states, he travels through the UK and France visiting the cheesemakers and winemakers as he tells their stories.  
    The truly helpful part is the way in which he converts these notes into a practical process and scales it down to reasonable amounts for the home or small artisan cheesemaker.

    Ehle begins the book with a visit to a woman in the Mountains of North Carolina making her cheese on the stove top from an old English recipe. This is so much the right place to begin because of the tradition of process passed down over generations from the "Old World" to the "New World".
    He then follows this up with several soft cheeses from France and England and then moving on into the Cheddar, Chesire, Blues, French Cantal, Gruyere, and finally the softer Camemebert/Brie.

    The sections on Wine, Mead, etc are of equal interest and should not be missed. Of special interest to me was the process of trying to import his own wine from France. 
    I personally find the section of history and production on Irish Whisky fascinating ... strictly from an observers view point mind you!

    A special chapter at the end on both Winemakers and Cheesemakers Notes includes the various "SideNotes" that he has collected along the way.

    All said, this is a fabulous addition to the reading for cheesemakers. It is much more interesting reading than many of the current "recipe" books on cheesemaking and would make a fabulous gift to yourself or to anyone you know that is interested in the  how and especially the "Why" of cheese and how it comes to be.

    This one really should be in every Cheese Makers Library.
    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    An amazing book!

    As the other reviewers have said very well, I can only "ditto" their comments. This book shouldn't be on sale because it's worth every penny at regular price. I love reading about the trips to the farms, how the milk is gathered and handled, how the ash is applied to the cheese from the bottom of a pot in the fireplaceā€¦So many interesting tidbits of information. I will enjoy this book for a very long time and have already put some of the wisdom into my own cheese making.

    A Worthy Purchase

    I received this book as an unexpected gift, and I feel very fortunate! I have several "modern" home cheesemaking books, and those recipes and information are invaluable, but the glimpse here into how cheesemaking was/is done outside of the rigid recipes, thermometer readings, pH readings, etc. is wonderful.

    Middle Grove, NY

    Love this book!

    We got this book at a GREAT weekend course with Jim here at what I like to call "Cheese School." Amazing, by the way. Highly recommend! But about the book: I have really only finished the cheese section but I can tell you it is exactly what all of my fellow cheese neophytes and I crave- wisdom from those that have mastered the art. This book talks about what people have done for in the villages where the cheeses were invented and perfected. Wow! People pay thousands of dollars to study with cheese masters in Europe and we get to have a little of it right here in our own homes. This book is a bargain!

    Lafayette, NY

    A good book to read while making cheese....

    I enjoyed dabbling into this book. I read it in bits and pieces while I waited for my rennet to set. I skipped ahead, I dropped back to known cheeses. I played with his versions of my favorites. There are always new ideas and suggestions worth considering. This is definitely worth having, especially at this very reasonable price.