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    DESCRIPTION: Oh Happy Days! We are now able to offer you one of the best Magazines on cheese and cheese making in the world. We are offering this subscription because we know you will love it. Have you ever dreamed about cheese? Eaten cheese? Loved cheese? Made cheese? Wanted to learn more about cheese? This is for you. I know you are probably saying to yourself, "we have all that right here on our web site, why do I need more?" We'll you're almost right, we do already have loads of cheesy information for you, however in this age of 'more' this magazine is something you can hold in your hands, turn the pages, see mouth watering photos, read more about cheese makers and cheese making, you will have everything about cheese in one beautifully crafted publication, even a cheese centerfold! We would not steer you wrong, 'cause it would ruin our 33year reputation of being the best their is, but we love this and now you too can add it to your library and enjoy it as much as we do!

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    Spring 2012

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    Culture magazine cover


    48 Feta Complete
    Find the story of feta, past and present, plus tasting notes on the best, in this companion piece to our cover story.
    By Matthew Rubiner

    56 From Pickled to Plated
    Feta’s briny flavor and lasting texture make it an all-purpose ingredient for a range of recipes.
    By Jacqueline Plant and Tenaya Darlington

    62 Appalachian Appellation
    On Bonnie Blue Farm in Tennessee, a couple perfects a Pyrénées-style tomme and redefines local flavor.
    By Carrington Fox

    70 Baby Boon
    Guaranteed to crack a smile, this issue’s photo essay offers a remarkable viewing of nature’s newborns.
    Photography by Sharon Montrose

    78 Comté Connections
    The Jura’s famed alpine cheese weaves a trail from farmers to fruitières and underground affineurs.
    By Stephanie Skinner

    86 Norse Discovery
    A search for Norway’s cheese experience leads across fjords, farms, and historical records.
    By Elaine Khosrova

    39 A Chef’s Dish
    Colorado chef and cheesemaker Alex Seidel raises crops, sheep, and expectations.

    46 A Cheese Plate
    A Chicago monger handpicks a quartet of favorite cheeses for spring.

    24 Beer With Cheese
    France’s farmhouse beer, bière de garde, inspires imitation among U.S. brewers.

    94 Wine With Cheese
    Madeira wine’s capricious sweetness makes for playful cheese pairings.

    27 Urban Excursion
    Walk your way to dairy discoveries on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island.

    108 What’s In Store
    A peek inside a London shop where there’s nothing between the customer and the cheese.

    35 Farm Animal
    The Ayrshire cow has many distinctions, including its connection to royalty.

    36 Voicings
    A longtime distributor, Kathleen Shannon Finn, gives her well-earned perspective.

    105 Cheese IQ
    When, why, and how did the color orange come to define cheese types?

    69 Centerfold Club
    Join the club and receive limited edition cheeses and accompaniments, starting with this issue’s centerfold, Tanasi Tomme and hazelnut crostini.

    106 Gear
    Dairy and its animals are the theme for fun sets of stationery. Write on.

    115 Retailer Directory
    Find your closest cheese fix with culture’s of 600-plus retailers.

    CAN DO
    97 Home Maker
    Make your own crème fraîche

    101 Burn This
    Create a simple smoker for cheese

    22 Ask The Cheesemonger
    What makes a cheese kosher? How does a cheese newbie learn what’s what?

    128 Ruminations
    A piece of cheese can trigger different sentiments in the same family.

    From the Editor
    Digital DO
    Readers Write
    News & Events
    The Giveaway
    Cheese Lit
    The Crossword

    • Feta Complete
    • From Pickled to Plated
    • Appalachian Appellation
    • Comté Connections


    Q: Does a 1-year subscription mean one calendar year, or one year from the time I subscribe?
    A: Subscriptions always start from with the next issue, and continue for 4 issues. If you want to purchase back issues, go to cultures back issue page.

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    A: You can order back issues here.

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    A: You can fill out the change form by following this link.