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    Considered to be the "Bible of home cheese makers", this book may be bought by itself or as part of our Starter Special (AGSD). There are 75 cheese recipes, 25 other dairy recipes, Q&A, stories about cheese makers and lots more. 

    DESCRIPTION:  "Home Cheese Making", by Ricki Carroll (278 pages, paperback) will help to take the complexity out of home cheese making. Ricki explains easily the procedures to follow from the very first batch. This book will help you understand equipment, usage, preparing starter cultures, using rennet, controlling temperature and storage of your finished cheeses. There are stories about artisanal as well as home cheese makers, recipes for using your cheeses, hints on how to cut your cheese, recipes from customers and much, much more. You will find an easy-to-follow format with illustrations, charts, glossary and a troubleshooting guide. This book is a must for all who want to maker their own cheese in the comfort of their own kitchen!!!!

    A Note from a happy customer:
    Hey Ricki and Crew,
    I just had to write and rave for a couple of minutes about how amazing you are! I started with Ricki's book, and have been gathering supplies and experimenting like a Crazed (bio)Chemist. Tonight was the first tasting of my first cheddar and jack cheeses. Your on-line jack details make the most amazing jack on Earth! Thank you so much for being my introduction into this wonderful hobby.
    Lotsa Love,
    Jacob Seitz, Salt Lake City

    Overall Customer Rating of 12 Reviews:

    Great Book

    • price
    • clear
    • empowering
    • informative
    I have wanted to learn to make cheese all of my adult life. Always thought it was complex and out of reach. Four years ago I found this website. This book took me from wishing I could to Holy Cow I make amazing cheese! Still kicking myself for not having found it sooner. The crazy thing is, in the 80's I lived in MA for 7 years! The Cheese Queen was an hour away. Now I'm in NC with my Nubian goats and buy my cows milk from an organic farm. I have sent dozens of people to the site for this book. It is a must have book for anyone working on sustainable living.

    The only thing missing from the book is a key for the tiny measuring spoon set. I'm dyslexic and can never remember what the cute names ( which I love) are in measurements.


    Easy to Understand and use

    I have had a copy of this book for several years. I raise milk goats and have used several of the recipes. They are all clear and easy to follow, and I have always had good results. Don't forget to pay attention to the small recipes in different colors at the bottom of some pages, some of these are my favorites.

    Easy to read

    This book is great for beginners or for anyone interested in trying different types of cheeses, without trying anything too fancy. I think she has all the bases covered in this book and the recipes are easy to read and follow. For me it made making more difficult cheeses less intimidating.


    incomplete recipes

    • correct ingredient amounts
    • missing steps in the process
    I have now used this book three or four times. The best part of the recipes is that they correctly state the amount of ingredients. After that there is a tendency to leave out necessary steps, possibly assuming a beginning cheese maker knows what they are. This is very annoying. This book is only useful if compared to other step-by-step information on how to make a particular cheese.


    Great book

    I think every beginning cheesemaker should start with this book. It makes it easy to take the plunge and get started. If you read the beginning chapters of the book, you have a better understanding of what you are doing in the recipes, and why they work. Also, it contains many more recipes than other "beginner" cheesemaking books and it will keep you busy for a very long time.