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Home Cheese Making

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Considered to be the "Bible of home cheese makers", this book may be bought by itself or as part of our Starter Special (AGSD). There are 75 cheese recipes, 25 other dairy recipes, Q&A, stories about cheese makers and lots more. 

DESCRIPTION:  "Home Cheese Making", by Ricki Carroll (278 pages, paperback) will help to take the complexity out of home cheese making. Ricki explains easily the procedures to follow from the very first batch. This book will help you understand equipment, usage, preparing starter cultures, using rennet, controlling temperature and storage of your finished cheeses. There are stories about artisanal as well as home cheese makers, recipes for using your cheeses, hints on how to cut your cheese, recipes from customers and much, much more. You will find an easy-to-follow format with illustrations, charts, glossary and a troubleshooting guide. This book is a must for all who want to maker their own cheese in the comfort of their own kitchen!!!!
A Note from a happy customer:
Hey Ricki and Crew,
I just had to write and rave for a couple of minutes about how amazing you are! I started with Ricki's book, and have been gathering supplies and experimenting like a Crazed (bio)Chemist. Tonight was the first tasting of my first cheddar and jack cheeses. Your on-line jack details make the most amazing jack on Earth! Thank you so much for being my introduction into this wonderful hobby.
Lotsa Love,
Jacob Seitz, Salt Lake City
Product Reviews
Overall Customer Rating:
Customer Reviews: 4
Not so great

I was hoping for a little more, but this reads like most amateur recipes you will find on internet forums. There is no technical information, like WHY we are doing this step or that step and why the results might be if you vary it this way or that way, no PH targets, pressing weights are only give in "pounds" (which is a useless measure not knowing the area of your mold), sometimes just bad information (like how long to brine your gouda for). The result is that you are going to get wildly varying results and there is simply not enough information here to make good/consistent cheese without a lot of trial and error or learning from other sources. Save you money and consult the forums.
Cheese Making is Not Easy

I purchased this book in order to take the plunge into cheese making. This book convinced me not to start. The combination of mandatory low temperatures and absolute sterile environment sounded unreal for most people's homes unless you live further north. I was disappointed.
In the Know
Raw Milkless, Montana

I am not normally one to mark inside a book but this book is getting margin marks, underlines and general used-edness. Love the idea of making cheese in my kitchen and I see it as not a possibility but reality now that I am in the know.

I love you, cheese, and Ricki!
A Must For Any Cheesemaker!

This book takes pride of place in my cheesemaking book collection! It is a must have for anybody who really wants to make some seriously superb cheese. Clearly written with loads of recipes that gets you dreaming of your next cheese creation.

Love it & thank you Ricki.

I just made a batch of the haloumi cheese for a man who grew up in Lebanon eating it and Rickis recipe was the only clue I had to make it. He said the flavor was right on and he is a real critic. Her book is wonderful, the illustrations clear and easy even for the begginer that I am. The cheese cave is full of delicious cheddar and we have a winters supply of feta, fromage and other experimaentals for the entire family. We have 2 dairy goats and the book has made it possible to store all the wonderful milk. Just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me choose the supplies to get, for having them available and for all your expertise. Karen 
I bought the book Home Cheese Making a few days ago. After bringing it home and diving into it I made my first batch of 30 minute Mozzarella successfully. I love watching the magic of a jug of milk making the transformation into delicious cheese. I guess I\'m hooked. When I tell my co-workers at the restaurant I work at what I have done, they stare at me in disbelief. I can\'t wait to get a press and some starter so I can explore cheese making further. Thank you so much for demystifying the process. M. Dell, Manchester NH 
Dear Ricki: I want to thank you for your wonderful book and the step by step directions in each recipe. Because of your book, I have made some of the best colby I have ever had. I have to give some credit to my Miniature Jersey cow and her wonderful milk, but without your book, there is no way I could have accomplished this. I have made cheddar, swiss, parmesan, romano and more colby, all that are aging now. I also made some brie and to my amazement the mold is actually on top of the cheese. I can not tell you how excited I am that I can make cheese this good. I could not do this without your book. Thanks again, K.C. 
Ricki, Every time I use your terrific book I wish I could do something as nice for you as you have done for my family. It astounds me repeatedly to see the wealth of information you have shared at such a pittance. We have just eaten the most delicious Manchego on the planet and no one to thank but you well you and the girls! I want you to know that every milking doe we sell comes with YOUR catalog- Thanks everyday! Lee Jackson~New Rocky Comfort Nubians~Foreman Arkansas  
Dear Ricki, First off, I would like to thank you for your book. It has changed my life. I am a chef in NYC and have been cooking for 14 years. Since I started making cheese with your book, I have finally figured out what I really want to do for a career, and that is make and sell cheese. I am obsessed, and love it. After some time and experimentation, and a great supply of raw goat and cow milk, I have successfully made a few batches of Camembert, Feta, Soft ripened goat cheese, St. Maure style, and am working on a Blue Goat, cross your fingers!! Again, thank you for everything. Sincerely, David  
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been reading and re-reading the book for weeks. Finally I had the courage to look for a website, and here you are! I had tears in my eyes as I saw all of the information that you provide. I am going now to make the lemon cheese, and I will return soon with an order. Thank you again! Anne Marie Feikema 
I LOVE your book, and have read it cover to cover during my precious free moments and at late night over the past two days. I join the other 100,000s in saying THANK YOU for sharing your insight and your dedication. Thanks, again! Dan & Kristy  
I am having a ball working with your products. I have made several of the beginner bag cheeses and of course a batch of mesophilic mother culture and it all turned out perfect. My husband was impressed and as a matter of fact I was impressed. Your recipes are clear and easy to follow and the milk does just exactly what you say it will do. Thank you for helping me. Sally Davis 
The recipes in the book Cheesemaking Made Easy are incredible. I have made all the goat cheeses and have been both surprised and delighted at the results. Anyone who has tasted them is first amazed that they are goat milk cheeses and then shocked that they are home made. Much better than anything ever bought at a grocery store and one tenth the price. Thanks again, Mike Laskowski 
I recently ordered your book Cheesemaking Made Easy and have had a lot of fun trying new cheeses. I have had a good sucess with Mozzarella, fresh home made is much better than store bought, Cheddar and Gouda.I have my first Blue Cheese in Process. The directions in the book are clear and easy to follow. We have a small homestead farm with one milk cow and several milking goats along with a number of other animals. This year I have achieved my goal of making all the cheese for our family, cheese is a staple for us. Thank you for all your help in acheiving this goal. Sincerely, Bonnie Critchfield, MN  
Just wanted you to know that I made my first cultured cheese using directions from Cheesemaking Made Easy, that is Neufchatel. It is creamy, has perfect consistancy and has a little tang. A nice milk flavor as compared to store bought cream cheeses which taste like nothing. I am very very pleased and my wife is suitable impressed. Had some on homemade bagels this AM what a treat!!! Thanks so much!!! I can not wait to try the other cream type cheeses and then move on later to ripened kinds. So much fun!  
Thanks so much for providing such a great book. It is written in easy to understand language that does not leave you daunted by the task of cheesemaking. My husband and I are in our late 20s and are just starting to understand the importance of the old ways. Thanks so much. Lisa Thomas from Michigan 

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