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    This Safgard Home Milk Pasteurizer will guarantee you a safe product and help protect the flavor and freshness of your milk.

    DIRECTIONS: Simply pour your milk into the pail, put on the pressure lid and lower the pail into the pasteurizing unit. Connect the attached hose to your faucet, fill with water, cover and start pasteurizing. Upon completion a buzzer sounds automatically. Running cold tap water through the pasteurizer then cools the milk. Pasteurizes up to 2 gallons of milk at a time. The inside pail is aluminum.

    RETURN INFORMATION: This item is warrantied for 1 year against manufacturing defects, it can be returned for service or exchange. We are sorry, but we cannot issue refunds for used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here.

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    • Hard-worker
    • To temperature control
    From: Chia Colombia

    The best home pasteurizer

    I´m testing a cheese mold to recycle discarded dairy products. The pasteurizer gives me a solution for testing lot of samples quickly and a lower cost than any other alternatives.

    I´m so happy with mi own pasteurizer


    • quick
    • loud buzzer
    From: upstate NY

    Difficult to use at first - had to learn to lean all weight on lid to get to latch. Does work quickly, loud buzzer let's you know when done. Handle came off aluminum bucket - very lightweight construction on bucket - not on rest of item. Slight "cooked" taste to pasteurized milk.