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These cheese making supply packages offer a great way to sample products and receive a discount on items that are commonly purchased together.

Automatic Yogurt Maker Combo Set (E79, E79J, E79T,Y3)

    This combo set contains one each of the following:E79-Automatic Yogurt Maker (w/Free Y3-Creamy yogurt culture 5pk)E79J- Extra Jars- 8ctE79T- Extra Top Tier

    Retail: $95.85
    Price: $74.85
    Complete Home Cheese Making Set (B1, K1 & K2)

      This Complete Set is the ultimate startup to your Home Cheese Making Adventures!! This set includes what is considered to be the "Bible of home cheese makers" Home Cheese Making, by Ricki Carroll the "Cheese Queen" herself. There are 75 cheese...

      Retail: $71.85
      Price: $64.95
      Making soft cheese at home is easy with this kit

        This set includes "Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt" by Ricki Carroll, as well as 5 cultures to use in making many of the cheeses that appear in this booklet!Cultures included in this kit: Fromage Blanc DS-5pk (C20), Creme Fraiche DS-5pk (C33), Sweet...

        Retail: $33.70
        Price: $28.70
        Yogurt Sample Pack

          This is a sample pack of our Yogurt Cultures. With this item you will receive one each of the following Y1-Yogurt Bulgarian - 1 packet, Y3 Yogurt (DS) Creamy - 5 packets, and Y5-Yogurt (DS) sweet - 5 packets.When you buy this sample pack you are...

          Retail: $20.85
          Price: $17.95
          Complete Home Cheesemaking Book Set (B1, B24) The Joy of Cheesemaking book, The Joy of Cheesemaking, Jody Farnham, Marc Druart, cheese Recipes, Beginners Cheese Making, Cheesemaking book, how to make cheese, home cheese making, Home Cheese Making, Ricki Carroll, Recipes, Getting Started, Beginners Cheese Making, making cheese at home, how to make cheese, home cheese making

            We are now offering the books 'Home Cheese Making' by Ricki Carroll and 'The Joy of Cheesemaking' by Jody Farnham & Marc Druart as a set. This fantastic oportunity is for anyone who has ever thought about making delicio...

            Retail: $31.90
            Price: $25.00
            Make the perfect Mozzarella cheese in your own kitchen with this kit

              This set contains enough ingredients to make Mozzarella 30 times. The entire process takes only 30 minutes!!! Lipase adds a more distinctive flavor profile to your Mozzarella and our Stainless Steel Ladle is the perfect tool for scooping your...

              Retail: $44.85
              Price: $39.95
              Home cheese making kit for the beginner

                If you are a beginner cheese maker this is the set for you!!! With a little effort and a lot of fun, you can make eight varieties of your very own preservative free cheeses: Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Feta, Cottage Cheese,...

                Retail: $43.40
                Price: $39.95
                Soft Cheese Sample Pack

                  This sample pack is a great place to start your cheese making adventure. With it you'll be able to make three types of cheese, all of which are quick and easy. In no time at all you'll be enjoying delicious home made cheese and impressing everyone...

                  Retail: $20.85
                  Price: $17.95
                  Complete "Small Scale" Set (B53, B39)

                    Purchase this set and save $5.00!!The perfect set for anyone looking to start a small scale dairy and cheese business. Gianclis has written these two wonderful book from the farmers perspective and provides all the information you need to get your...

                    Retail: $69.90
                    Price: $64.90
                    Goat Book Set (B44, B6)

                      Purchase this set and save $9.00!!!DESCRIPTIONS:"Goat Cheese: Small Scale Production", by the Mont-Laurier Benedictine Nuns (95 pages, paperback). For the "kid" in all of us! Based on the technical experiences of the Nuns of Mont-Laurier, this book...

                      Retail: $32.90
                      Price: $23.90
                      Make fabulous goat cheese at home

                        This set is a must have for those of you who want to know where your food comes from and what's in it. This wonderful set will walk you through recipies to make your own goat cheese as well as wonderful recipies for using your...

                        Retail: $34.90
                        Price: $31.90
                        Make delicious cheese at home with this deluxe kit

                          This Duo is a wonderful way to begin making your own cheese at home!!! With a little effort and a lot of fun, you can make eight varieties of your very own preservative free cheeses: Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Feta, Cottage...

                          Retail: $54.90
                          Price: $49.95
                          Hard Cheese Sample Pack

                            This wonderful sampling includes our most popular, basic cultures for making hard cheese (Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan...). With each of the three cultures included you'll be able to make five batches, totaling 15 batches of cheese all together. If...

                            Retail: $20.85
                            Price: $17.95
                            Kefir Sample Pack

                              We're very excited to offer this new Kefir sample pack of one C45 & one C46. Kefir is the oldest fermented milk known to mankind. Its name was originated from a turkish vocabulary - Keif, which means pleasing sensation. It was...

                              Retail: $13.90
                              Price: $11.95