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    If you have a backyard and want to raise a farm animal or two, goats are a wonderful choice. They're intelligent and affectionate, easy to care for, and useful, too! Find all you need to know to raise healthy, productive goats in The Backyard Goat, your complese guide to everything from choosing an appropriate breed to housing and feeding.

    DESCRIPTION: The Backyard Goat: An Introductory Guide to Keeping Productive Pet Goats by Sue Weaver (224 pages, paperback) Whether you want to raise goats for their milk and fiber or keep them as pets or companion animals, this book covers all the essentials. You’ll learn how to choose the right goats for your needs and space, house and feed them, keep them healthy, and train them to do simple tricks, pull and drive carts, and serve as pack goats. You’ll also learn how to milk, shear, breed, raise newborn kids, and more. The Backyard Goat makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of owning goats, with no experience necessary.


    • Teaching tricks for fun and amusement, Goats are smart, and they respond well to clicker training.
    • Milking. Goat's milk is in demand, tasty, and easily digested.
    • Making cheese, nothing beats creamy, fresh goat cheese, and the recipes included are as easy as pie.
    • Harvesting cashmere (the soft undercoat on all goats but angoras) and mohair for crafting.
    • Harnessing your goat to pull a load. He can help in the garden or be the center of attention in a parade.
    • Training a pack-goat. Your goat will gamely carry your goat on hiking and camping trips.
    • Enjoying your goat as on affectionate companion animal.