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    Sister Noella Marcellino, "The Cheese Nun," takes viewers on a fascinating and delightful personal journey as she becomes a champion for artisanal cheesemakers on both sides of the Atlantic. While making a 20,000-mile odyssey through some of the most remote cheesemaking regions of France, little did she realize that she was on her way to becoming a leading international expert in the art of natural-milk cheesemaking.

    The Cheese Nun profiles the adventures of Sister Noella Marcellino - a champion for artisanal cheesemaking. The Benedictine nun travels through the French countryside looking for the secrets of cheese, teaches American gospel music to farmers, is inducted into an ancient order of cheesemakers and puts her microscope to work to help aspiring American cheesemakers.

    Sister Noella's interest in cheese began nearly two decades ago when The Abby of Regina Laudis asked her to become the cheesemaker for the convent. Sister Noella developed a scientific interest in cheesemaking, and she has since become known all over the world as a scientist and advocate for the preservation of tradition and biodiversity.

    Running time approx. 60 minutes