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I bought your cheese making kit in 2006 or 2007 and made cheese a few times. It was fun and tasty. At the time I was trying to get pregnant and having some setbacks. I hoped and prayed that someday I'd be able to make cheese with my children. Since then God has blessed me richly with 2 wonderful children. My son and I went on a field trip to a local dairy last Friday morning and made mozzarella that afternoon. It was everything I dreamed of...he loved it and we both ate so much cheese! Even my 11 month old enjoyed some too. I was very happy that all the ingredients still worked after 5 years of sitting in my pantry/freezer.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the grace, hopefully my cheese will be so delicious that I will not have been a loss of any kind for I will need to boost my order. It is a pleasure to deal with someone with integrity.... Blessings on you, your family, and your business.

I saw your site several years ago and have been making cheese ever since. Not until this Dec when I came to find Kilgus farmstead non-homogenized milk did my cheese become really cheese. A noticeable difference. I had been using powdered milk with cream, a costly way to make cheese. Kilgus is in northern Illinois and delivers milk to a local farmer in Trenton Il who makes yogurt within 48 hours of milking his cows. Both the milk from Kilgus and the yogurt from Windcrest Dairy have been a great find. Will send pictures of some of my other cheeses but right now I’m working on the Gorgonzola Picante. The last picture is about 3 weeks old.

Thanks for your site enjoy reading it all and trying the recipes

Ordered Thursday, got here today (Monday)! Thanks for the super fast shipping. My first batch of yogurt is setting up as we speak.

Thanks again,

We are looking forward to a 'cultured' experience...

Ricki & Crew,

Thank you very much for such swift service. Getting a first hand view of what you were taking about with “ultra-pastuerized.” Every milk but one in our store in Endicott, NY and 1/2 & 1/2 are UP. I spent the first 16 years of my life on a guernsey dairy farm, and to see what has happened since breaks my heart. I purchased your book, Home Cheese Making at Barnes & Noble, before I sent my order to you, but plan on many more purchases.... I’m nearing 72 yrs old. I was grateful for your info on using powdered milk & UP 1/2 & 1/2. That will help until I find fresh milk again, nearby.

...all the best!

Oh, thank you for your wonderful site! My wife and I refer to it to double check one detail or another on just about every batch we make. It's a great blend of step-by-step recipe and under-the-hood science. And unlike many other informative web sites, I can actually find what I'm looking for on yours.

I only wish we weren't on the other side of the country (Seattle). Of course, I'm being glass half empty there. I should be glad that even though we're on opposite sides of the continent, we can still get all of our cheese making supplies from you.

Thanks, and enjoy the spring!

Saturday was my fourth time that I made the Creme Fraiche. This time I tried to do it from memory and I was not able to recount the measurements. Instead of one quart of half-and-half, I used the whole half gallon with one packet. Guess what? It came out great, solid. No complaints!

My two grand children boys enjoyed my dessert Fresh Strawberries with Creme Fresh topped with pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Wow, it was yabba-licious! Yummy to my tummy!

Thank you,

Wow - that is really FAST service; thank you, Ricki. Your website is delightful. Glad I found you and ordered from you and thanks for having the Yogotherm in stock. A friend has the same Yogotherm (for many years) and swears by it. I tried making yogurt in my crock pot; and it came out ok; but the Yogotherm is easier and makes thicker yogurt every time. Keep up the good work, Cheese Queen... your Halloween costume must be awesome. t.

This is the third time I have made creme fraiche at home. Each time I made it I had great success with your product. This time I served the creme fraiche as a dessert. Here is my easy recipe. Mix creme fraiche with sugar or honey. On one side of a Honey Graham cookie, put as much as you want the creme fraiche. Smother the creme so it covers the entire cookie end-to-end. Drizzle some Apricot or Strawberry Syrup on the creme and cover it with another slice of cookie. On another batch, I put two thinly sliced Kiwi fruit inside the cookies. Everyone in our party enjoyed this "fancy" dessert.

Thank you

Thanks for all the info and supplies! Started making cheese about six months ago with your beginner kit. Just did my first blue which I ate before taking a picture. But...I just cut into my first Camembert and it turned out great and tastes awesome!

Thanks again

Here are some pictures of my Mozzarella! (Now I need to make some pizza). Yesterday I made kefir, yogurt, icecream & mozzarella for the raw milk I got from a neighbor. Now if I could just talk my husband into going back to miking! We even have cows that COULD be milked! Part dairy. For now he's very contented to get it from our neighbors. (only for animal consumption, of course.)

Hi New England Cheesemaking Supply Company,
I started with a small vial of your vegetable based rennet about a month ago and I have to say cheese making is satisfying. I got my first great looking curd three days ago but had been getting adequate results before that (five sessions). Pizza is my favorite food and I wanted to learn more about mozzarella. That's how it began. I can't imagine that you guys get tons of fan mail so maybe you will respond. I see chevre in my future as well as cheddar and an even harder cheese or even a swiss style. I like the sweet smell of the warm milk and it feels like my hands were made to handle curds. I want you to know your rennet was the best part of my holiday season and right now the bottle will only run out at the rate of how much cheese my family and I can consume daily. Also I would like to thank you for my new appreciation of the grassy multilayered taste of milk itself. I am trained in tasting wine and beer but milk... and whey, butter, cheese it's like I've been walking around a stone my whole life never noticing it's beauty, never touching it myself. Anyways you have a new fan and I'm saving my pennies for some new cultures and molds maybe a small drying fridge! Mozzarella to start and maybe a stop at the Yak farm down the road who knows where this could go?

Love and Milk

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made my first batch of mozzarella on New Year's Eve, and we celebrated with the MOST yummy mozzarella ever. Luckily for us, we have fresh tomatoes grown south of us, here in Florida, to go with my fresh basil (I bring the pots in when it gets too cool), so caprese salad it is. :) The most fun was seeing the clean break, and then cutting the curds -- it worked! It really, really worked! I'm getting ready to start in on Farmhouse cheddar, now.

Thanks for everything! Happy New Year. :)

Hello Ricki,
I ordered a kit from you about a month ago and wanted to make my first batch while on vacation. Vacation started today. I have never made cheese before, but, I followed your instructions to the T and the dang thing looks PERFECT! hahahaha, I posted the pictures on FaceBook for my friends to see, and, well, you may have a few new customers after this :) Happy New Year! and thank you for the great service you provide folks like me :)

Thank you for your quick response on my recent order. I am back in action with my "consuming" new habit of cheese-making! I bought the basic kit in July, and have been making cheese many weekends since then. I started with the farmhouse cheddar and have made a variety of pressed cheese and feta since then; about 15 cheeses in all. I would also like to thank Jim for the responses to my questions on feta and gouda. There is so much to learn. Today I am working on Stirred Curd Cheddar. The picture is of my "cheese cave" which is my son's dorm frig, turned as high as I can get it (50 degrees). These are jack, two romanos, caerphilly, and gouda.
Thank you again.

Cheese Friends,
This May, I took one of your intro to cheese making classes. Since then I've been a cheese making fiend with a few failures and many successes. In preparing for a party today, I opened three cheeses: a fourme d'ambert, Brie, and a four month old Manchego. They were all amazing. Thanks for your lesson and supplies. I'm totally hooked!

You guys are absolutely amazing!!! Already shipped my package in less then an hour!!! I Love YOU!!! You make my cheese-making experience exciting!! Thank You So Much. I look forward to many years business with you.

I sent you an email back in early September asking about which kit I should get as a beginner cheese maker. You graciously replied that I should just purchase the C20 culture and some butter muslin. You also suggested that your book would be helpful. I checked at the library and what a surprise, it was there!! The next day I walked out of the library with your book in hand along with another book that was next to it on the library shelf.

As I looked through your book, I was confident that I could make cheese at home. It seemed to be easy, fun, and something the whole family could do. "I'll wait until I pay bills (that's when I think of money!) and I'll get the required ingredients", I thought to myself. In the meantime, I picked up 'the other' book that I grabbed that day on a whim at the library. The author made it sound a little difficult. It seemed that I didn't have all the 'equipment' to actually do this process at home. After all, I live in the city. Not out on some farm where I have a barn and lots of space! So I put off purchasing the C20 & muslin.

Fast forward to November. My husband and I finally decided we would just get the culture and muslin and give it a shot. What did we have to lose? A few bucks?? And what to gain? Cheesemaking knowledge!!

My husband went the day after we got our 'goods' and purchased a gallon of whole milk. We poured it into the pot, added the culture, and waited! What a treat the next day to have literally a pot full of curds and whey!! I rigged up my draining pot and poured my mixture in. Later that afternoon, we were eating wonderful blanc fromage...homemade!!! I even added a dill dip package to 1 cup of it and that was yummy, too!!

Since that was so good, my husband is ready to try Mozzarella, Ricotta & Cheddar, too!! He went on your site and ordered a Kit, along with some Keifer. And who knows what else!! :D

Thanks, Ricki, for making cheese making do-able, easy and fun!! We are homemade cheese maker converts!! I may even get to come to a workshop next spring (unless we come as a family!!)

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