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    This strainer is the answer to many a cheese makers question about how to make yogurt cheese. Now you can create thick, creamy yogurt cheese. Just add your own yogurt and you will have delicious yogurt cheese in 2 to 24 hours. You can also make a delightful Greek yogurt by adding yogurt and draining until your desired consistency. 

    DESCRIPTION: Made with a plastic container and fine-mesh stainless steel strainer. 6.1" x 5.9" x 5.1", the sealed container prevents odor transfer and provides convenient storage. In as little as 2 hours this wonderful strainer will turn 3 cups of yogurt into 1 cup of yogurt cheese, if you desire a thicker cheese simply strain it for up to 24 hours. The result is a wonderful yogurt cheese which can enjoyed alone, with herbs or used as a low-fat alternative to cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream & whipping cream.

    TO CLEAN: Wash in hot, soapy water after use and sanitize well before use. Dishwasher safe top rack.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Way too small

    My mother-in-law gave me one of these as a gift. I used it once and never again. I make yogurt in batches of 2 quarts, with a Yogotherm. What good would this silly little thing do? I drain my yogurt into cheese using flour sack towels from Bed Bath and Beyond -- works like a charm.

    Spokane WA

    Just right

    I have used one of these for several years and have to disagree about the size issue. Really, its just right. Strained yogurt only takes a few hours to make, so a batch a day is not going to kill anyone, and the product will only keep for a week so making gallons may not be the thing to do. I love the size as I keep a small fridge and the square box can fit there nicely. I just scoop out what we need, put it back and when gone do it again. So, okay the cake dimension was a little off in the description. . . This is a nice little unit.

    Davis, CA

    Well made but too small !

    The product is well made and the idea is great but this thing is too small for my applications. The description says it is 6.1" x 5.9" x 5.1" in size, I think it may even be a little smaller than that. And keep in mind that the strainer itself is a lot smaller than that and the size of the strainer will limit the volume of cheese mixture you can fill into it. I am guessing that less than 10 ounces will fit. The picture is misleading, that must be a small piece of cake.

    Also, I think it is not intended for the application most of us have in mind, making actual cheese, but instead it is basically a yogurt strainer so that you can get something with cream-cheese like consistency to use as a spread on your bagel. It is large enough for that. Personally, I would love a larger version of this for real cheese making but I guess instead I could just buy four of these (but that would be expensive !). Aside from the size issue I really like it, you can put the cheese mixture into the strainer and place the whole box into the fridge. A few hours later you have the whey separated from the cheese and you can use both if you like. It is not messy at all and very easy to clean in the top rack of the dish washer.

    Bristol, RI

    Works great but way to small!! The picture is very misleading I don't appreciate this.

    If you are a lonely single cheese maker it's a good choice. If you have to make product for a family find another solution.

    If the picture would be in real scale the slice of cake would be about the amount of "cheese" you can make!!

    You certainly can not make the quantity of "cheese" it would take to create this cake in one batch.

    I feel mislead, not a happy camper.