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    Make your own thick and creamy yogurt right in your own kitchen. This convenient electric yogurt maker comes with seven reusable 6-oz. glass jars, giving you the ability to make up to seven individualized flavors at once. Each jar has a dating system to mark the make date. There is an automatic shutoff which can be set for a customized fermentation time and a beeper that will let you know when your yogurt is ready to be transferred to the refrigerator. Both the jars and lids are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. This is by far the best electric yogurt maker we've tried. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    With the purchase of this yogurt maker you will receive one free packet of (Y3) Yogurt Culture ($5.95 value), enough to make your first five batches of yogurt.

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    Product Features

    • Brushed Metal accents.
    • Includes seven dishwasher safe 6-oz. Glass Jars and plastic lids.
    • Built in timer lets you know when your yogurt is ready.
    • Simple operation with 15 hour blue LED Digital timer display.
    • Automatic Shut-Off.
    • 3 year warranty.
    • Italian Inspired Design.
    • Includes a recipe booklet and instructions.
    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Great yogurt maker

    This is my third yogurt maker over a period of 15 years and I really like this one especially the glass jars (I bought the extra pack of 8 jars ). I like the jars because the have the dial in the lid to set the date, and glass comes clean (my old electric maker had plastic) we use goats milk and it can be difficult to clean plastic because the milk is so creamy. The unit is very easy to use just set the timer and walk away it beeps when it's done. I think the most important part in making yogurt is reaching the 185 degrees and then making sure that the culture is added at the right temp if you don't let it cool properly and it's either too hot or too cool the culture can't work.

    Commenting on the other review here

    This is Jim who handles the tech for Ricki here.

    We have used this yogurt maker and it works quite well. There is no reason it should work once and not the next time.

    Perhaps there was a milk problem or the milk was not heated properly before adding to the yogurt maker. For a firm yogurt it is imperative to heat to the higher temp of 185 and cool before mixing in the culture.

    I bought 2 packets of the Yogurt Sample Pack- Y1, Y3, Y5 and using it in the Automatic Yogurt Maker. I have now used it 3 times. The first time it worked well, then the last 2 times it came out as water. I have yet to find a solution to this problem, which makes this machine a waste of money.

    Sacramento CA

    Just an incubator

    I bought this product and then that same weekend realized I could do the same thing by putting jars of culture in hot (110f) water on the bottom of a Coleman cooler & closing the lid for three hours. I made a gallon of home made yogurt without using anything more fancy than a candy thermometer. This product does do as it is advertised, but most of the work it does is just an incubator. My first batch turned out ok but my second didn't thicken (possibly my error there though).