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    Calcium Chloride will help with store bought milk and goats milk to give a firmer setting curd for easier cutting in the making of hard cheeses.

    CONTAINS: Calcium Chloride (concentration of 30-32%)


    • ALL NEW SIZE: One ounce contains enough Calcium Chloride for 24 gallons of milk
    • Two ounces contains enough Calcium Chloride for 48 gallons of milk
    • One pint contains enough Calcium Chloride for 384 gallons of milk

    DIRECTIONS: Using 1/4 teaspoon for each gallon of milk, dilute in 1/4c. water. Bring milk to proper temperature and add before adding your culture.

    Do not use Calcium Chloride when making Mozzarella. It will keep the curds from stretching.

    STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark place. Will last indefinitely if stored properly.

    NOTE: We purchase this product Certified Kosher OU in bulk. The product is then repackaged into smaller quantities without Kosher supervision, thus voiding the Kosher certification. We are not, nor do we make any representation to be, under kosher certification. 

    CLICK HERE to view a copy of the kosher certification for the bulk form of this product.

    How do I know if I need to use Calcium Chloride?

    Any milk that has been pasteurized and cold stored should have Calcium Chloride (CaCl) added. The reason for this is because the calcium originally in the milk slowly becomes soluble and cannot be used to form a firm curd. The exceptions are Mozzarella, Provolone and any other cheese that requires stretching at some point in the recipe. This is  because the stretch depends on the calcium leaving the curd. Some fresh milks may need CaCl added if the curd is not firm enough due to poor calcium in the milk, caused by either season or poor diet.
    This information applies to both hard and soft cheeses.




    Description of Components 

     X Wheat  
       X Other Cereals containing gluten  
       X Crustaceans   
       X Eggs  
       X Fish  
       X Peanuts   


       X Milk (including lactose)
     X Nuts  
       X Celery  
       X Mustard  
       X Sesame Seeds  
       X Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphits (> 10 mg/kg)  
       X Lupin  
       X Molluscs  


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    Even though I purchase milk from a dairy, occasionally I buy store bought milk. This is the answer to that over processed over heated store bought stuff. Milk sets up everytime.


    one question

    is that means I need adding this calcium chloride first into the milk and start to heat the milk, and then adding the culture? I usually adding this after the culture.

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