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Happy Cheese Makers

Awesome Slotted Spoon
This spoon is perfect! The holes, round rather than actual slots, allow smooth continuous stirring to mix even the largest pot of milk for even heating and even, quick distribution of enzymes or rennet. I love it. And, it can be sterilized in the dishwasher when all is done. It simply does not get better than this.
New England cheese in Texas
Just ordered your beginners cheese kit, I looked at a number of other sites and sources, but the reason I ordered from you is that your website is a fun and friendly site - very much so. Love your little cows and graphics. I am a transplanted New Englander (RI) down here to Texas, and since it was a nice, less than 90 day today - Yay - Fall in Texas - I decided to bring a bit more of New England down here. What better way than New England Cheeses??? J I want to learn the basics with your soft cheeses but my true love is the sharpest, most intense cheddars and other pungent cheeses. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks and look forward to joining your family and hope to be ordering a lot more from you in the future.