Raw Milk is Available

We have received much information from our friends regarding Raw Milk
available for sale and will post as much as possible.
If you have any comments or new additions,
please send them to me and I will post it here ... Jim Walllace

PLEASE NOTE .... We are not able to verify who is selling legally and who is not
so if you are sending us info for this resource
please verify that you are Legal and Licensed to sell
If you are having problems please let us know .. we are just trying to provide a resource here.
Buyers, YOU are responsible for checking the quality of the milk You are getting





The Weston A. Price Foundation's Real Milk website


Michael and Alethea Swift
P.O. Box 271 Pomerene AZ 85627
(520) 586 2081
Fiore di Capra Inc. .... Grade A Goat Raw Milk
www.goatmilkandcheese.com ---- www.altrece.com
Raw Goat Milk available at several Farmer’s Markets in the Tucson area.
$6/half gallon.  We are hoping to be certified Organic in 2007.


Orange County California
Mother's market
one of our very few sources for raw milk
is , our local health food store.

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace,
896 Foothill Blvd., San Louis Obispo, CA
(805) 785-0195.
Organic Pastures dairy,
located outside of Fresno, CA.
source of raw milk for those cheesemakers who live on the central coast of California. The usual delivery is Sunday around 1 PM.  Call their number, ask for the dairy department, and ask to speak to Cory, a very helpful guy who will set aside the amount you want to pick up.    

Laura Hershey
4783 Pescadero Avenue
San Diego CA 92107 619 222 5299
I have milk of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat available in small quantities.


Denise Pinkard
Coyote Creek Ranch
303. 772.3272
We have a raw goat milk, dairy in Colorado. We offer shares in our herd. It is a closed herd, and the animals pastured (seasonally) and are fed local, organically hay, mostly hay grown here on our own farm. 
Raw Milk Association of Colorado
Raw Milk Farmers
The Raw Milk Association of Colorado (RMAC) is an association of raw milk producers and consumers who advocate for the availability of traditional raw milk products and seek to ensure a safe supply


Stonewall Farm
332 Kent Road (Rte 7)
Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754
860 672 0261


Jimmy and Cherry Carter
Live Oak, Florida
We live in Florida where the sale of raw milk is illegal. However, we can sell it as pet food.
 Our herd of Alpine, Toggenburg, Nubian, and Nigerian Dwarf goats provide delicious milk and cheese for us and our pets. We are listed on the rawmilk.com website:

Hugh and Pam Anderson
Crooked Pine Ranch
13280 Commonwealth Ave
Polk City, FL 33868
Located in Central Florida
We have a herd of about 50 dairy goats, consisting of Nubians, Alpines and Saanens.  We sell Raw Goat Milk, Goat Milk Products, and free range fresh eggs.  Our dairy is open to the public from 9 am to 6pm Monday-Saturday and visitors are always welcome.  Ranch website is  
Gina Thomas
Eustis, FL
I have some extra raw milk available to sell.  I have 1 mini jersey at the time and would  like to sell it to people that live by me who are willing to pick it up.  I live in Florida and can only sell it for pet consumption.  It is $5.00 for 1/2 gallon.
Catherine Whiteacre
Whiteacre's Dairy Goats
Newberry, Florida
352 472-6335
We have a had a herd of 30 to 40 Nubians for 20 years.  Milk can be sold for pet consumption only in the state of  Florida.  We are located west of Gainesville, Florida.
Trisha Duggar
Sand Dance French Alpines
1946 Register Road
Tallahassee, Fl  32305
850 421-4452
Fresh and natural goat's milk. Per Florida law, sold for pet consumption only. Milk is provided either fresh or frozen in new, dairy approved gallon or half gallon containers, and is available year round. French Alpine dairy goats  
Dennis Stolzfoos
North FL
Full Circle farm in North Fl but has a delivery all over the state. We sell raw milk from 100% grass fed Jersey cows, cheese, butter, yogurt and cream etc for pet consumption.
Jan Meister
11004 SW 67 Street, Gainesville, FL
32608 352-318-1150
Legal only for pet or livestock


Bob Hayles
Thornberry Village Homestead
Jasper, GA
 A small goat dairy in the north Georgia mountains...Georgia lisenced pet food dairy, lisence number 1401.
Thornberry Village Homestead...owned by God, managed by Bob, Helen, and Tyler.


Sue Anne Goddard
Goddard Farm Purebred Nubians
1801 East 335 Road
Lecompton, Kansas 66050-4037
phone: 785.887.6083 Cell: 816.804.9532
we sell raw milk, yogurt, kefir and feta cheese here at the farm. I am working on cream and butter. We have products available from April through November. All products are from raw milk. All products are packaged in new plastic containers.  I


Pat & Marilyn Weber
Verona, KY 41092
859 485 2833
We sell goat milk shares .. You pay us to house it, feed it, milk it and naturally deworm it and you come pick up the milk. Want more milk? Get more shares. No antibiotics or meds are administered unless it's life threatening to the goat . We have Alpine does that are hand milked twice a day.
Debbie Williams
4917 West KY 70
Liberty, KY 42539
I have raw goats' milk available for sale. I raise Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and LaMancha goats. We raise our goats as naturally as possible, we mix our own grains and DO NOT FEED any GMO grains. All hay and pastures are organic and remineralized with sea minerals.


Albert E. Small III
Fare Share Farm
Canton, ME
207-597-2746 ... orgro@megalink.net
We have Nubian goats’ and practice organic and biodynamic methods. Raw milk is available between May and January2006-2007. In 2008 we will have a year round supply.

Lois' Natural Marketplace
152 Us Route 1, Scarborough ME
Raw, unpasturized organic milk in once a week from Post Family Farm in St. Alban's Maine.

Parsonsfield, ME.
I sell raw milk at my farm

Old Mountain Farm (Cheryle)
Cape Neddick, Maine
Raw Goat milk from Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats is available at:
website: http://www.oldmountainfarm.com/


Scott Hoyman ... Maryland Goat Milk Co-op
T: 301-834-8030 ... F: 301-834-9801
20312 Townsand Road
Gapland, MD 21779
We are a fully licensed and delivering fresh goats milk in Western MD,Southern PA as far east as Philadelphia and Northern VA.
We like to deal in units of 1000 pounds and up. For smaller quantities cheese makers may pick up.
Allen Johnson
Sales Representative
Maryland Goat Milk Co-op
The only Milk shipping company in the state of Maryland.  We offer the Highest quality Milk you can find with extremely low counts in all areas.  We will ship year round to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. 


Paul Lacinski ... SideHill Farm
625-0011 ... 628-3800
PO Box 107 Ashfield MA 01330
This is one of our neighbors and we love to use their milk both in Ricki's workshops and in Jim's cheese lab

Mark Fellows ... Chase Hill Farm
978 544-6327
74 Chase Hill Road
Warwick MA 01378
Certified Organic
Milk available: Seasonal
Grazing and Feeding Management: Grass-fed with supplemental grain in winter
Herd Health: No BST, No Antibiotics

Sherry Hager Hager Bros. Farm
11 Merrifield Lane Colrain, Ma
(413) 624-3993 hagersmp@mtdata.com
Call the evening before you would like to pick up your milk (413) 624-3200) and place your order we will have it put up fresh by 8:00am the next morning.
We milk 125 Holsteins and we are licensed by the state to sell raw milk from our farm. We sell our milk for $4.00 per gallon and $2.00 per half. We do not use rbst or hormones, our milk is antibiotic free, and we are inspected on a regular basis. Unfortunately we do not take orders for Saturday and Sunday. You can still pick up milk on the weekends but you need to order it by Thursday evening. 

Len and Jackie Woodis
Wine Ridge Farm 
New Braintree, Mass.
We are located in   We currently have 100 milkers which will be producing milk in February 2006.  We will be selling raw milk. 

NOFA MA List of MA Raw Milk Dairies;

Bill King - whking@rcn.com
North Brookfield
located in Central MA

Robinson Farm Ray & Pamela Robinson
201 Jackson Rd. PO Box 94
Hardwick, MA 01037-0094
413-477-6988 (Home)* 413-477-6065 (Barn)
www.robinsonfarm.org info@robinsonfarm.org


Kris Unger
Dairy Delight Cow Shares LLC
Howell, MI, 48855
I have a small grass based dairy farm in Michigan and have just started to sell milk shares. In Michigan it is illegal to sell raw milk, so I sell cow shares and then people are able to get real milk.


Green Pastures Dairy
2353 Bromfield Road
Carlton, MN 55718
(218) 384-4513
We have a small family run dairy in Minnesota,and make and sell raw milk cheeses,and also sell raw milk off the farm from May thru Sept


Runnymede Farm
Bob Brandon
1211 E. Dade 132
Walnut Grove, MO 65770
We sell a small amount of raw milk. We are located in SW Missouri, about 30 mins. NW of Springfield.

Armand Bechard
Bechard Family Farm
13700 Athens Road Conway, MO  65632
(417) 589-4152
We sell raw cow's milk from our grassfed Jersey cows.  Located 35 minutes from Springfield, MO.  Open Monday thru Saturday.  Please call ahead.


Elise Clark
Caledonia MS
I live in Caledonia MS and have plenty of raw goats milk available for cheesemaking at this time.


Audrey Pierson
eastern Montana
I have several Brown Swiss milk cows here in eastern Montana, and use raw milk in my cheese and yogurt making, as well as drinking it.
If anyone in this area is interested in buying raw milk, I can sell it as pet food, but I am not licensed to sell it for human consumption.

New Hampshire

Rod White, farms in Lyme, NH
Record Ridge Farm, 18 E. Thetford Rd.,
Lyme, NH 03768
a small herd of Jerseys. He makes the best quality milk anywhere, and has won awards for his milk in both NH and Vermont. Rod sells raw milk at the farm.

Joy Lane Farm
North Hampton, NH
I sell raw goat’s milk, in season, at my farm in. In season is approximately 4 weeks after kids are born.  In 2007 we will have kids in March and May.
Sue Veilleux
Jesta Farm
190 Drinkwater Road
Hampton Falls, NH 03844
I can sell five gallons of milk off the farm per day without being licensed. 
I have a large herd of Nubian Dairy Goats and offer the rich, creamy milk year round.
The Robie Family
 25 Rt.10
Piermont, N.H. 03779
A small family farm.  We have a farm store and sell Raw Milk as well as various other farm products.  Our herd is a holstein - jersey mix, we are all natural, fully licensed and have high sanitation standards. 
Luke Mahoney
Brookford Farm
70 Sligo Road
Rollinsford, NH
(603) 742-4084
a small herd of grass-fed Jerseys certified organic. They sell whole milk, low fat milk and cream on the farm. They are in the process of getting registered so they can sell raw milk in local stores.

New York

Hawthorne Valley Farm
327 Route 21C
Ghent, NY 12075
518.672.7500 or 518.672.4465 - phone
518.672.4887 - fax
Columbia County. A 400-acre, diversified Biodynamic® farm nestled in the hills of the Taconic Range in Columbia County, New York, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to agriculture, education, and the arts. The Farm is virtually self-sufficient, relying on its own feeds, manure, and compost. In keeping with the tenets of Biodynamic® farming, which treats the land as a living organism, no fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used.

Yuriy Rudin
Orange County NY
Irene Hurst
SignHurst Dairy
Locke New York 13092
315 4979454
I have a certified organic dairy in upstate new york near Ithaca, and will sell milk from my bulk tank.
Stephanie Bugielski
M and S Farm
Fallsburg NY
I am liscenced by the state of NY to sell raw goats milk. Located in beautiful Sullivan County.


Allen & Judy Calvert
HLA Country Farm Raw Milk Dairy
2611 E. 380 Rd.
Talala, OK 74080
Jersey cows & Nubian goats milk
Providing raw cows milk and goats milk along with raw milk cheeses from
fresh to aged. Also raw cows butter and goats butter.


Kookoolan Farms
15713 Highway 47
Yamhill, OR  97148
Farm (503) 662.4742
Cell (503) 730.7535
We are a small diversified farm in Yamhill, Oregon, about 20 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon.  We have one Jersey cow and four Nubian goats.  We produce about four gallons a day of cow milk and two gallons a day of goat milk.  You can buy raw milk for cheesemaking.
Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor - Koorosh Zaerpoor
Rebecca Borror
9 Peaks Ranch 70395 NW Lower Bridge Way
Central OregonTerrebonne, OR 97760
(541) 923-3284
I have a Jersey cow who is providing lots of really good milk. It is legal to sell raw milk in Oregon, if you have 3 or fewer cows in production and you sell off the farm. My milk sells for $5 per gallon, in a new plastic gallon jug or bring your own glass container.
Carine Goldin
32880 S. Sawtell Rd
Molalla, OR 97038
farm: 503.829.6200
cell:  503.810.1954
I have three beautiful Alpine milkers on my small five acre farm.  Most of my milk is used for cheese making but I do have an overflow of milk.  I can provide raw milk from the farm, free of antibiotic. 


Dove Song Dairy
108 Siegfried Road
Burnville, PA 19507
Dove Song Dairy is an old fashion family farm, located in the rolling
hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania.
Using a natural approach to animal husbandry, our dairy goats are raised
free range and we do not add hormones to increase milk production. Many
people who are lactose intolerant do well with goats milk.

Caprine Delight Goat Dairy
1778 Chambersburg Rd.
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Candy Walker
We sell raw goat milk for $8.00/gallon
Open:  noon to 8 pm Sunday – Friday.  Mornings by appointment.  Closed Saturdays.

Kimberton Whole Foods, www.KimbertonWholeFoods.com. 
in Pennsylvania (not far from valley Forge).

Rene' Ehrhardt
Somerset County.
Phone 814-444-2228
e-mail kelyrene@helicon.net
We have a herd of 80 milk cows.  Two of these so far are Brown Swiss and we have begun to sell milk from these two cows separately, raw.  Not yet licensed to sell raw milk so it would be considered pet  grade until we do take that additional step.  have a few goat does Price for pet grade cows milk is $2.25 per gallon, bring your own jugs.  Goats milk will be $4.00 per gallon, pet grade.

South Carolina

S. Carolina
We raise nubian dairy goats here, and will have lots of raw and/or pasteurized milk in spring '07. 
Tucker Adkins Dairy,
7245 Park Place Rd.,
York SC 29745.
(803) 327-7477 / 242-4743
This is grade "A" raw milk. Phone- (803) 327-7477 / 242-4743. Also for sale are fresh eggs and butter when available.

South Dakota

Julie Rosin
30956 129th st Selby SD57472
(605) 649-7224


Charlene Callicoat
Leche de Tejas Goat Dairy
10471 FM 279
Chandler, TX 75758
903 852 5006/7242 & 903 372 1113 (cell)
We are a fully licensed (Retail Raw)  Goat Dairy in Texas. We sell raw goat  milk in half gallon containers @$4.00 a half gallon. Our hours of operation are M-Sat 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and M-F 3:30-5:30 PM.  We are closed on Sundays. We also sell soft cheeses, butter and goat milk soap.
John & Carol Pinckard
Fair Meadow Farm Goat Dairy
226 County Road 3819
Hawkins, Texas 75765
My husband and I and and our 3 daughters own and operate a licensed Grade A Raw for Retail Goat Milk Dairy in the piney woods of east Texas.


Ron & Jeanette Drake
Drake Family Farms Goat Dairy
1856 W. 7400 S. West Jordan, UT  84084
We sell raw goat milk on our farm located in West Jordan, Utah which is located in the Salt Lake Valley. We are state inspected and licensed and can sell raw milk to customers who come to our farm to pick it up. Raw goat milk is sold in half gallon bottles and is $5.00 which includes the sales tax. Our hours are Mondays – Saturdays 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. We are closed on Sundays. We also sell pasteurized goat milk, goat milk yogurt, goat milk cheese, and handmade goat milk soap and lotion. --- http://drakefamilyfarms.com


Sandy Robinson
sell milk rights or leases.  With a milk lease customers can get all the milk a goat can produce for the price of the animals room & board.


Dungeness Valley Creamery

10117 Fruitdale Rd
Sedro-Woolley WA 98284-8200
Phone:  360-333-7526 (Kim Tenneson)
e-mail:  b.tenneson@att.net
Mark and Carolyn Tenneson, are third-generation dairymen who own Skagvale Holsteins, a small purebred Holstein herd.  This brother/sister team does all the herdsmanship chores and farming on this pasture-based farm.  Cattle are fed quality alfalfa, pasture and roughages, and no rBST, silage, or manufacturing waste products. Mark's wife, Kim Tenneson, manages the on-farm bottling room and milk store which the trio owns as Tenneson Family Farm
Debbie Higgins
Rainhaven Grade A Goat Dairy
Duvall, WA
Grade A Raw Goat Milk: hand-milking a small herd of Swiss Toggenburg dairy goats in the Cascade foothills above the Snoqualmie River valley in . Licensed to sell Grade A retail raw milk for human consumption.

West Virginia

Munchin Hill Farm, Patricia Adels
4878 Paynes Ford Rd, Kearneysville, WV 25430, (304) 724-7297, munchinhill@yahoo.com
Raw milk from French Alpine dairy goats fed high qualty hay, kelp, etc. No hormones nor chemical wormers. Goat shares available. (1 hour 20 min from Washington, DC)


Back to the Best Country Store
W1969 Cty Rd N
Rubicon, WI 53078
Hours: Wed – Sat. 9am – 6pm

Arkansaw, Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 285-MILK
This is a farm share program, the only way to legally buy raw milk in Wisconsin.
..... http://midvalleyvu.com/

Out There !!


Ann Bassarab Keture
Ewaso Ngiro, Kenya
We have two pure Friesian milkers with one young heifer and will acquire an additional pregnant Friesian in a month or two. We produce about 12 litres of raw milk a day and sell it to the local Maasai and other, community by bicycle. We charge 20 Kenya shillings, about 22 US cents for 2/3 litre.
Jim Wallace .. Feb/07