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Reblochon ... cheesemaking.com
this is a cheese from the Savoie region of France and
traditionally made from the 'the strippings'...
the richest milk, reportedly held back from the tax man
to make a special cheese for the family

For 4 cheeses we begin with 5 gallons of milk heated to 88-91F by adding some of our Y1 Yogurt at a rate of about 1% (1.25ozs per gallon of milk)
along with a
geotrichum culture which will prepare the surface for ripening
plus just a
pinch of b.linens for late stage development.
Milk ripening will take place over 60 minutes
and then enough rennet is added (about 2.5 ml or 1/2 tsp for this much milk) to make a fairly soft curd in 20 minutes

The moderately soft curd is first cut into 1-1.5 in. sections
and left for 3-5 min to firm up.

Whey will rise to the surface
and the curd is cut again...
...into much smaller pieces.
While stirring, the temp may be increased to 95-96F slowly.
Continue stirring...
...taking about 20-30 min from initial cut. Look to achieve a point where curd still clumps easily but with distinct pieces.
Stop stirring and allow the curd to settle in preparation for...
...whey removal.. most easily done with a siphon or
bailing with a small pan.
The whey is now removed
down to the curd level.
Molds are prepared with their special porous cloths and hot water or whey to warm them.
The curd is now distributed evenly.. with about 1-1.5 lb for each finished cheese.
As soon as all of the molds have been filled, they should be ready to be turned over in the molds...
...rewrapped and stacked 2 high to help draining and develop
a nice smooth surface.
After 20-30 min the cheese
has now formed nicely and after flipping can be returned to molds.
While keeping temps in the 90's,
the followers are put in place...
...and a small amount of weight
1 qt of water ~2-3 lbs used here...
...for about 3-4 hrs then removed.
The surface has formed well
but the pH is still high...
.... and holding overnite will allow the acidity to fall
to it's final level of 5.2-5.4.
Next morning they are dry salted with 1.5-2% of their weight.
They are now moved
to the aging space
with a temp of 52-58F...
...and hi humidity (95-97%)... maintained by coverd boxes.
In a few days the development of Geotricum will be seen, preparing the surface...
...for the light brine washing, which takes place for 14 days...
...and the eventual development of the b.linens washed rind surface as seen here.
In this batch both the red and white (no brine washing) surfaces were allowed to develop.
In 60 days, after drying off a bit and allowing a white surface to develop.. they are ready.


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