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    This set includes "Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt" by Ricki Carroll, as well as 5 cultures to use in making many of the cheeses that appear in this booklet!

    Cultures included in this kit: Fromage Blanc DS-5pk (C20), Creme Fraiche DS-5pk (C33), Sweet Yogurt DS-5pk (Y5), Mesophilic DS-5pk (C101) & Thermophilic DS-5pk (C201)

    Book description: Over 10,000 years of cheese making (plus butter and yogurt making) wisdom is contained in this bulletin. Outlines in detail everything you need to know - from equipment and ingredients, to pasteurizing your own milk, to great recipes for fresh, wholesome, delicious dairy products you make right in your own kitchen.
    By: Ricki Carroll, 32pp

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    • easy to prepare
    • smaller quantities
    From: north Florida

    Beginning Cheese Making - wonderful!

    I have been fascinated with the idea of making my own cheeses for quite a while. When I saw this beginner kit, I decided to try it. The butter and yogurt are wonderful, and I am looking forward to trying the crème fraiche next. One thing that I particularly like is that the size of the finished product is something that a family of two can both prepare and consume with minimal, if any, waste. Great for trying out!



    Oh my, and no one has reviewed this yet!

    Well, I have only tried the Fromage Blanc so far, but it wasn't difficult and the taste was amazing. I am looking forwared to trying the rest.