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    4-1/4"Wide x 4-1/4"High with an open bottom. Food grade polypropylene cheese mold imported from France.
    This mold used in conjunction with our cheese mats, will make the perfect draining package for the soft ripened Camembert.


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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Bottomless is better!

    Just made my first batch ever of bloomy rind goat cheeses. Used this mold and a slightly larger tomme mold that had a bottom, but similar perforation. This open mold with cheese mat on the bottom drained much better than the tomme mold did and with a little re-filling during draining gives a beautiful thick disc of a cheese for which I have high hopes! Wish it cost a bit less! Also would like to see a double-hoop Brie type mold offered.

    Kerrville, TX

    Floats us as being filled

    I'm sure there is something that everyone else is doing but when I start filling these molds they start to float up and allow the liquid to roll out underneath the bottom. I have probably wasted half my batch today because of it floating. I guess I could drain my brie before filling into a colander- that might help. Anyway, wish these molds have bottoms on them.

    West Hartford, CT

    Camembert-1 review

    This is a really nice mold for people just getting into cheesemaking. It is nicely constructed; it cleans well; it can be sterilized in boiling water, and it is thin enough that you can see the level of the curds inside the mold as they shrink to the proper height. I wish it were a bit less pricey, and I also wish it came in a larger size for making a larger Brie.