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Saint Marcellin - 1

Item #:M122 

Saint Marcellin Cheese Mold

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3-1/2"Wide x 3-1/4"High with a solid bottom. Food grade polypropylene cheese mold imported from France.


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Molds ... What they are and which ones do I choose for my cheese.

The final step for for the curds in cheese making is the draining and forming a good shape and proper rind for the final aging steps. The most practical shape for these molds or forms (hence the word Formagio) is a cylinder. One of the most practical shapes short of being a sphere and most suited to sit on a flat shelf for aging. There will be many other considerations such as, height, width, number of holes (and spacing) as well as bottom less or not. These will all be determined by final size, moisture, and surface preparations (waxed, rubbed, washed, etc)

We get many questions on which molds should be used for which cheese.
The molds used for cheese have all evolved from regional uses over the past several hundred years.

There are two primary considerations in choosing the molds:

  1. How large is the cheese you would like to make and will the mold hold all of the curd for this cheese? Do remember that high moisture curd cheeses (for earlier ripening) will press lower in the molds when the weight is applied than will drier curd cheeses.
    Large Hard Cheese Mold

    Small Hard Cheese Mold

    5-7 gallons of milk


    with no bottom
    needs lighter press weight

    2-3 gallons of milk

        2.    What is the height to diameter proportion for this cheese?
                this is important for the types of cheese you intend to make:

    • Pressed and aged cheese need a closer ratio of the height to width of the finished cheese. This will be most efficient at keeping the cheese from excess moisture loss
        Large Hard Cheese Mold
      Small Hard Cheese Mold
        Tomme (Large)

      with no bottom
      needs lighter press weight
      5-7 gallons of milk
      2-3 gallons of milk
      3-4 gallons of milk
      They are designed to accommodate more pressure for a longer aging cheese
      These molds work well for classic aged cheese such as Cheddar, Gouda, Montasio and other recipes for aged cheese found in Ricki's book

    • Surface ripened cheese (red and white molds and yeast) such as Camembert/Brie Munster and some of the moister Tomme styles, etc will need a lower format where the height is much less than the diameter. These are all higher moisture cheese and the primary reason for this is that the surface growth produces enzymes that need to move to the center of the cheese for ripening results. The shorter the height the more efficient this can be done.
      Tomme (Large)

      Tomme (Small)

      3-4 Gallons of milk
      For Larger Tomme style cheese such as
      Tomme De Savoie
      and small Alpine style Cheese

      1 Gallon of milk
      For smaller washed and surface
      ripened cheeses such as
      Reblochon and Munster

    Other considerations are:

    • Drainage - how many holes, how far apart, and how big are they.

    • Whether the mold has a bottom or not. For cheeses with little pressure a mold with no bottom works fine for best drainage. For the larger cheese with more pressing weight, the bottomless mold tends to rise up and curds can squeeze out around the bottom.

    Our Basket molds can be used for fresh cheese and smaller blues since little to no weight is applied on these.

    Basic Basket Mold


    2-3 Gallons of milk
    Small Basket Mold


     1-2 Gallons of milk

    Both of these can be used for making Ricotta or any small cheeses requiring little weight such as an early ripening (high moisture) Cheddar/Gouda or a blue which needs no weight

 For Goat Cheese and other fresh cheeses any of our smaller molds will work

    Chevre Saint Marcellin Saint Maure
    Crottin Pyramid Coeur a la Creme 

                                             These molds are all used for Lactic Style Cheese that need a long coagulation and draining period
                                     You will normally need 2-4 molds per each gallon of milk.

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