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    2"Wide x 8"High with an open bottom. Food grade polypropylene cheese mold imported from France.


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    Q. The saint maure cheese mold is sometimes suggested for goat cheese. How do you use this mold? It has no follower and I'm also confused as to how to get the cheese out of the mold. Do you normally put the cheese in cheesecloth first? Otherwise it seems difficult to use.

    A.This mold is made for a lactic cheese and drains under its own weight so it does not need a follower. Flip the cheese over when drained and it will slide right out, no cheesecloth needed! Take a look at the Saint Maure recipe page for more details.

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    Rochester, NY


    The plastic is strong, but I have a hard time with finding something that will fit into the mold flush to press on the cheese.