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    Our press plans will help you make your own lever-style press. You will be able to accurately measure your pressure and use any type and size of mold. With a little time and some simple woodworking, you will have a very convenient and easy to use cheese press.

    *NOTE: If you are unable to locate the metal bracket specified in the plans, our tech guy, Jim, recommends using a butt hinge with pin, mounted horizontal on the wall. You will be able to pull the pin to remove the weight bearing lever arm for storage.

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    A Great and inexpensive way to press cheese

    Being new to cheesemaking, I did not want to invest a lot of money; so I purchased these plans for a home build cheese press. I modified the design slightly so that it does not actually mount to the wall, due to my backslash design, but instead to a piece of 2x6 wood so now it is a complete unit. I did however measure it so the whole thing fits snugly under the cabinets and just the weight overshoots the counter top. I used it with the kits plastic mold, and it worked well. I am ok with woodworking and such but if you are good, you can make a very nice looking cheese press that could look like art.