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    This #1 professional cheese trier is used for testing the readiness of your cheeses without cutting them open. When inserted into the cheese a sample core is removed. It is evaluated for taste and texture and the remaining piece is then returned to the cheese so the aging process can continue. The trier needs to be sanitized well before use and the opening around the plug also needs to be sealed with a smear of the cheese sample to prevent mold from entering the cheese body.

    It may seem a bit pricey but this will allow you to evaluate the cheese making process (flavor, moisture, acid, texture etc) earlier in the aging cycle and make adjustments needed for subsequent cheeses. The cheese and time you may save by sampling it earlier is well worth it.

    DESCRIPTION: 7.5" Stainless Steel Cheese Trier. Blade length: 4 3/4". Blade width: approx. 3/8".

    DIRECTIONS: Insert cheese trier into cheese and remove. Evaluate and then
    re-insert remaining piece back into original cheese sealing the opening to avoid mold entering the cheese body.

    TO CLEAN: Wash in hot, soapy water after use and sanitize well before use.

    RETURN INFORMATION: We are sorry but we cannot accept returns of used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here.