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    Pack contains 25-9"x12" sheets of 2-ply cheese paper and 25 labels for identifying and sealing your cheese. This two-ply wrap is composed of an ultra thin sheet of low density polyethylene on the inside, glued to wax coated brown kraft paper on the outside. Polyethylene is a porous and malleable plastic that is not treated with any additives that can leach into cheese.

    Cheese paper should be applied to cheese with the shiny side towards the cheese and the patterned side facing out.

    Cheese lasts longer if stored in a breathable wrap instead of non-porous plastic film. That’s why the best cheese retailers send shoppers home with their purchases wrapped in coated paper. Now you can buy the same material for home use, for rewrapping leftovers or any cheeses purchased in plastic.

    This cheese storage paper is manufactured in France and designed specifically to wrap and store cheese. Mimicking a cheese cave, this paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity. This is the same cheese storage paper used by the best cheese professionals and keeps your cheese tasting fresher, longer!

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