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    Using this breathable cellophane wrap is the tried and true method of wrapping your delicate, mold ripened cheeses. Just like the professionals, you will now be able to accomplish that delicate bloom and correct moisture content during aging, so important to the quality of your finished cheeses.

    SIZE OPTIONS: 9" x 9" or 12" x 12"

    QUANTITY OPTIONS: 100 sheets/pack or 1000 sheets/pack

    USAGE: Use to wrap your mold ripened and soft cheeses.

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    From: Illinois

    Nice to see cheese age

    The clear wrap is very nice for wrapping Camembert at about day 14 after the make. By then it has a nice white mold developed, and with the wrap you can watch it age in the regular refrigerator. The wrap is easy to use, but be careful what size you order. I ordered the small size but needed the larger size. The problem was solved by taping two sheets together, but it would look nicer with the right size. It is a good product.


    From: az

    My wrap choice for mold ripened cheese

    I make a lot of ripened chevre . This wrap works great for that. The mold grows well and is also contained to only that cheese. I used to use plastic boxes and had to do a lot of maintenance adjusting humidity and cleaning the boxes. I also had to be careful while flipping the cheese over. Now i can see whats going on thru the wrapper . Flip them over without any fuss and i have more room for other cheeses without the box in the "cave".