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    Cheese Cloth for use with hard cheeses. 

    CONTAINS: 100% cotton, 60 thread per inch, reusable Cheese Cloth.

    SIZES: 2 yard package or 60 yard bolt

    USAGE: Can be used for draining large curd cheeses, lining hard cheese molds for pressing and bandaging your finished cheeses. Before first use machine wash with an unscented detergent.

    TO CLEAN: Rinse first in cold water after use to remove all cheese particles then machine wash with an unscented detergent, may be boiled to sterilize.

    DISCOUNTS: Purchase 12 or more 2yd. packages and receive our price break of $3.50/2yd package.

    Q: Last night I made a batch of Alpine-style cheese. After a short time in the press I found that the cheese cloth was sticking to the cheese. What would cause this to happen?

    A: This can be a problem with this type of cheese due to serious acid production in the mold. This causes the curd to shrink which is turn causes the cheesecloth to be pulled into the curd. The best solution to this problem is to wet the cloth with a weak brine, this added salt should slow acid production near the rind.
    Other causes of this problem are too much pressure to start with and not turning the curds soon enough. If you do have this problem, the best approach is to scrape the cloth slightly before pulling it off where it is sticking, you do not want to tear the rind.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    high quality

    • last a long time
    Great cheesecloth. It washes up beautifully and lasts and lasts. Very durable.

    Great cloth!

    I made cheese today from my Brown Swiss cow, after I had already skimmed most of the fat off for butter. I expected yield to be down a lot since I had taken the fat, but for the first time, I used the cheese cloth I had bought from you instead of the store bought cheesecloth. I actually had MORE cheese curds than before! Your cheese cloth is far and away so much better than what I could get elsewhere! Thank you very much.