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    This starter culture has to be one of the most sensational finds we have made in all our years of cheesemaking. It is so simple even your children can make it.  It is similar to cream cheese with a delightfully rich flavor. Fromage Blanc can be used in cooking or simply spread on your morning toast.

    CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactose, (LL) lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, (LLC) lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, (LLD) Lactococcus lactis subsp. biovar diacetylactis, microbial coagulant enzyme

    YIELD: Each packet will set up to 1 gallon of milk and will yield approximately 2 pounds of fresh cheese.

    Heat 1 gal. pasteurized milk to 86ºF. Add and mix in one packet. Let set at room temperature, undisturbed, for 12 hours or until thickened like yogurt. Ladle curd gently into a butter muslin lined colander, hang and drain 6-12 hours. Refrigerate.

    STORAGE: Keep packages in the freezer, they will last up to 2 years.

    DISCOUNTS: If you really love these you can buy 12 or more 5-packs and you will receive our price break of $4.00 for each 5-pack.

    NOTES: Our recipe (on the package) calls for Butter Muslin (U2)

    Fromage Blanc is a fresh, easy-to-make cheese. Of French origin, its name simply means "white cheese" and it makes an excellent cheese spread with herbs and spices added to it.

    It can also be used as a substitute for cream cheese or ricotta in cooking. It can have the consistency of a cream cheese with a fraction of the calories and cholesterol. It can also be made to have the texture of sour cream or a thick drained yogurt. You can also make this with either whole or skim milk so you can make it as lean or as rich as you care to.

    Click Here for a full recipe

    Tip from a customer!!
    "Just a tip for long incubations requiring temperatures of 86-100F: If your oven has a Proofer setting, you can use that. If not, you can use a poor mans proofer, in which you boil 2 cups of water in a pot or large glass measuring cup, cover it and put it in the oven for 15 minutes while you heat your milk. Remove the pot and put in the cultured milk. The oven will stay a balmy 92-96F for hours!!"

    Jim, our tech man, had this to add: There are many other ways to do this as well. Mine is to use an insulated cooler with bottles of warm water to hold the temps. This will keep your oven open for use and you can move the cooler out of the way.




    Description of Components 

     X Wheat  
       X Other Cereals containing gluten  
       X Crustaceans   
       X Eggs  
       X Fish  
       X Peanuts   


     X   Milk (including lactose)
       X Nuts  
       X Celery  
       X Mustard  
       X Sesame Seeds  
       X Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphits (> 10 mg/kg)  
       X Lupin  
       X Molluscs  


    Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:

    Great cheese to make and share

    The fromage blanc turned out great. I added some mashed blueberries and a bit of Splenda and shared it with all the elderly farm ladies at my Grandmothers apartment complex. Now their all offering to share the vegetables out of their community garden. A very nice trade, I might add!

    Upstate New York

    Delightful and Fool-Proof Fromage Blanc

    I have been using your Fromage Blanc packets with my fresh sheep milk for many years now. I milk a few dairy sheep and have found that no matter what the season, what they are eating, what the butterfat content of the milk, I can use one of your packets of pre-measured Fromage Blanc culture and turn out a wonderful fresh cheese. It is the first cheese I want to make when the ewes freshen, and it is something my friends eagerly await.

    Good for appetizers (onions and paprika mixed into it fresh, very popular), good plain with fresh fruit for breakfast, good for cheesecake, good for any sort of cooking. Extremely easy. Reliable. Rewarding.

    state of Jefferson (N. California)

    So easy - so good - possibilities are endless

    This is really easy to use! It's also really mild and delicious, and the yield is quite high! The whole process occurs at approximately (summer) room temperature. I don't even heat the milk on the stove, just let it come to room temp. AND I use regular store-bought milk and it comes out fantastic. It's so easy I've given the individual envelopes along with some butter muslin to non-cheese-makers and it gets them hooked. I've made it with all kinds of various herbs and I've made it plain. The yield is big enough you can try a bunch of variations from the same batch. I've made it with a spreadable consistency and a mold-able, crumbly consistency (about like chevre). For a special treat, I add a little additional (ultra-pasteurized) cream to the milk. I'm going to try adding some fresh apricots to the next batch. It's going to be a long time before I get bored with just this one culture.

    Andover, MA


    For all the German's who read this. This is Quark, the right stuff for making cheesecake! I love it and use it all the time. Making it is really easy as well. I used to make Quark with a yoghurt maker and buttermilk, which tasted like buttermilk, but it worked. It was a lot of work though, since the yoghurt maker did not make a lot of Quark I had to do it three times to get the right amount for a cheesecake. This is much simpler. I makes just about the right amount for one cheesecake, with a little bit left. ITS GREAT! Can only recommend it and not a lot of work at all. Just a little bit of time.

    Sylvania, GA


    This is the starter I use to make buttermilk: 1 packet of starter to 6 cups of skim milk + 1/2 cup of non-fat low-heat powdered milk (NOT the instant kind from the grocery store!), stirred into room-temperature milk (during the process of taking grocery store milk to 180 degrees). This process yields a very thick buttermilk, so - after it's set - I stir the buttermilk with a pinch of salt, then add ~2 cups of whey (left from making fromage blanc w/Fromagina starter) to thin AND add protein (not to mention a little bit of fat, given that I use some half-&-half in my fromage blanc). Yield ~1/2 gallon REALLY GOOD buttermilk!