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    Biena (Abiasa) Yogurt Type 1 culture.

    For the production of classic yogurt, Greek yogurt, fermented milks and frozen yogurt.

    CULTURE CONTAINS: Streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus

    SIZE: 2.5D

    BRAND: Biena

    YIELD: Contains enough culture to process 250 gallons of milk.

    USAGE: Approx. 1/16th tsp per 1 quart milk. This is a guideline. You may need to adjust this amount based on your milk and preferred tastes.

    DIRECTIONS: Heat milk to 185F and hold for about 15-20 minutes. Cool milk to 110-112F. Sprinkle culture on top of milk and stir in thoroughly. Cover and allow to set at 110-112F for approximately 8-12 hours, or until desired consistency is reached.

    STORAGE: Store in the freezer.

    NOTE: This product has Kosher and Halal certificates. Certificates available upon request.




    Description of Components

    X Peanuts
    X Tree Nuts
    X Sesame

    X Eggs
    X Fish
    X Crustaceans
    X Shellfish
    X Soy
    X Wheat
    X Triticale
    X Mustard
    X Sulfites
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    • easy to use
    • great taste
    • great texture/consistency
    • reasonable price
    • speedy delivery
    • easy to order
    From: Sturbridge

    Love Yogourt?

    I love thick, slightly tangy yogourt! - if you do too this yogourt culture is for you. Sooo simple to use, great taste, nice and think keeps very well! Simply delicious. Really like the fact that one can use any sort of milk and get great yogourt! The Bread Box bakes with yogourt and we are so happy to be using our own made with local milk!



    Best yogurt ever!

    We have now made two batches of this terrific yogurt in our instant pot and it is an instant success! Thick and creamy!


    From: Givat Olga Israel

    Tasty Yoghurt

    Makes a wonderful thick sour yoghurt, very refreshing!

    What I would like to know is the amount to use for each liter of milk. you stated that 1 TBS makes a liter of yoghurt but that is for using the prepared yoghurt to make the next batch. How much of the pwder should I use???


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    • %20taste
    • none
    From: Boston

    Rich and Thick

    Have been making a gallon of yogurt weekly using a fresh packet of the Bulgarian culture (Y1) for each batch (my recultured yogurt never turns out as well). When it came time to reorder I saw this and thought it would be fun to try and perhaps more economical. I followed my regular recipe using the recommended 1/4 teaspoon per gallon and to my, albeit not refined, taste the result was indistinguishable from the Y1. Have stored the rest of the culture (a tablespoon or two) in a small jar in the freezer. I have dipped into it once to make an equally delicious second batch and, recalling my college chemistry, lab let the mason jar warm up before opening so no moisture condenses inside. Not sure how the culture will hold up to repeated freezing and thawing but am keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get a couple of more batches.