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    WalcoRen® Rennet Paste Piccante is a non-GMO, pure, natural goat rennet paste which is based on the production of traditional rennet paste. This rennet is used for aged cheeses where goat lipase is wanted for the development of the typical ripening flavors. Mixtures of milk, or pure cow's milk, will also work well with this rennet.

    CONTAINS: goat rennet, salt, <5% sodium benzoate

    SIZE: 250 grams

    USAGE: approx 1/4 tsp per gallon of milk

    STORAGE: Keep in refrigerator.

    DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. This product tends to un-mix during storage and needs to be shaken well to ensure the ideal blend of enzymes. Rennet should be diluted in 15-30 times it's volume in cool, chlorine free water and then added to the milk.

    NOTE: Due to customs restrictions, we cannot ship this product to AUSTRALIA or SWEDEN.

    Based on 2 Reviews

    From: Paparoa New Zealand

    Good Set with the Goats Milk

    I used this product this morning for the first time with frozen goats milk and goat an excellent set. Looking forward to tasting the cheddar when it matures. Thanks


    • strong%20curds

    Makes better curd than calf rennet for goat milk

    Calf rennet left my goat milk curds very weak, too weak to stir. Now that I use kid rennet, I can stir them to help release whey! The dosage recommended says 1/4 tsp per gallon milk, but I've used less with good results.