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    If you are a beginner cheese maker then this is the kit for you!!! This kit makes eight delicious, homemade cheeses: Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Feta, Cottage Cheese, Colby, Parmesan and Ricotta.
    With this kit you will be able to make 10 two pound batches of cheese.

    With a little effort and a lot of fun, you can make your very own preservative free cheeses! Start now and make this a family tradition. Our kit comes with detailed recipes, demystifying all the steps in the cheese making process.


    The included basket mold is an ideal mold for soft and hard cheeses. For the harder cheeses, simply use an inverted small plate or large jar lid as a follower/pressure-plate to spread the weight evenly over the top surface. If you are trying to find a follower for this mold we suggest checking out our stainless steel separating disc, we have found it to work well when pressing.
    A weight of 3 to 20 lbs is the working range for this mold.

    CONTENTS: Basket Mold (M222), Vegetable Rennet Tablets (R4), Mesophilic DS Starter (C101), Thermophilic DS Starter (C201), Dairy Thermometer, 1/2oz. Calcium Chloride, 1 yard Re-usable Cheesecloth, Recipe Booklet    
    USAGE: Use to make a variety of eight delicious cheeses right in the comfort of your very own kitchen!!!

    STORAGE: Rennet tablets, mesophilic culture and thermophilic culture should be stored in the freezer. Rennet tablet will last up to 5 years and cultures will keep up to two years if stored properly. Calcium chloride should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.

    Q. Just purchased your Basic Cheese Making Kit - can't wait for my first batch! My daughter is very lactose intolerant and I'd like to know if I can make all of the recipes easier for her to digest. She does well on goat cheese so can I use goat milk for all the recipes or do some of the naturally have less lactose? Thank you for your help!

    A. Goat milk works for those lactose intolerant to some degree because it is an easier milk in general to digest. The cheese making process though does remove the majority of all lactose when making harder aged cheese. Goats milk can be used for most of the recipes in Ricki's book.

    Q. I am attempting to make the Farmhouse Cheddar recipe from Ricki's book and I am unclear about the first two steps: 1) Heat milk to 90F. 2) Add starter culture. Stir in well and leave the pot where it can maintain its temperature for 45 minutes.
     Do I keep the temperature at 90 degrees the whole time during these steps?

    A.Yes, you do need to keep the temp at the directed culturing temp the entire time. These bacteria are very temp sensitive and will slow down if they cool too much.

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    Tacoma, Washington

    A great investment

    • Cheap
    • Easy to Follow Instructions
    • Just buy the dang Cheese Wax
    • Seriously
    • save yourself the time
    I got this kit at a brewing supply store. I was nervous about pouring two gallons of milk in the pot, but it was easy to do and I think it's going to work real nice! I do wish there was an option or strong recommendation to buy the cheese wax - you don't need it to age the cheese, but you will almost certainly want to (unless you're into mold rinds). Still gets five stars because of how cool it was.

    I've got a new hobby, CHEESEMAKING

    I was astonished to get the hard cheese kit that I had ordered so quickly. It was perfect timing, too. A mid-morning mail delivery, had the house to myself, and before I knew it a batch of Monterey Jack was underway, and is currently drying on my kitchen counter. I can tell this hobby is going to nicely complement my beer brewing hobby, and I think my next batch will be the Farmhouse Cheddar, as that should be nice and sharp at cider pressing time.

    I made cheddar, yippee!

    Yippee!! Although when my grandson (age 5) and I made your mozzarella, we were very pleased with ourselves, I was very nervous about my farmstead cheddar. I took it (aged for 2 1/2 months) with me to my sisters house last weekend thinking if it was a flop we could just bury it in the woods and nobody would ever know. Well, my (your) cheese got raves. I was only allowed to bring home half the left-overs. Folks here will have to wait for the next batch. Thanks so much for making this so easy, so much fun, and so good. I now can not wait for this weekend so I can get busy making some more.