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    This sample pack is a great place to start your cheese making adventure. With it you'll be able to make three types of cheese, all of which are quick and easy. In no time at all you'll be enjoying delicious home made cheese and impressing everyone you share it with.

    Includes one each:

    Fromage Blanc (DS) - 5 packs

    Fromagina (DS) - 5 pack

    Creme Fraiche (DS) - 5 packets

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    Description of Components 

     X Wheat  
       X Other Cereals containing gluten  
       X Crustaceans   
       X Eggs  
       X Fish  
       X Peanuts   


     X   Milk (including lactose)
       X Nuts  
       X Celery  
       X Mustard  
       X Sesame Seeds  
       X Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphits (> 10 mg/kg)  
       X Lupin  
       X Molluscs  


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    Good value.

    I am a complete beginner at cheese making. Quick addition of the individual culture costs shows that this sampler is a good value. I have only used the Fromage Blanc so far. The taste is very good, but I had to add a little extra rennet to obtain a reasonable curd set. I think this was due to poor control on my part and the fact that I only had a 1/2 gallon of milk to work with, so I tried to divide the packet. Because of this, the end result was a slightly different texture than expected. It is delicious and reminiscent of cottage cheese. I look forward to trying again soon!