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    A Thermophilic acid producing culture for typical hard, Italian & Swiss cheeses such as Parmesan, Romano, Mozzarella, Provolone, Emmenthaler/Swiss.

    Effective Temperature range is 68°- 125°F with an Optimum growth of 104°-108°F. Many cheeses of this style are heated to very high temperatures(122°-128°F) and even though there is little to no acid produced in this range, they will survive quite well. As soon as the temperature of the cooling cheese falls into the optimum range they will begin their acid production.

    CULTURE CONTAINS: Streptococcus thermophilus

    YIELD: Will set up to 250 gallons of milk. Can be divided into 25 gallon batches for farmstead use and 8-10 gallon batches for home use.

    DIRECTIONS: 1/2 teaspoon will set approximately 6-12 gallons. When using raw milk, reduce amount of culture used by 25-50%. This is to be used as a guide since setting temperature, stage of milk and type of cheese will call for specific amounts to reach proper acidification rate.

    STORAGE: Store in the freezer. Culture will last up to one year if stored properly.

    NOTE: This product is Certified Kosher OU

    CLICK HERE to view a copy of the kosher certification of this product.

    We recommend using our Mini Measuring Spoon Set to help in adding the correct amount of starter culture.





    Description of Components 

     X Wheat  
       X Other Cereals containing gluten  
       X Crustaceans   
       X Eggs  
       X Fish  
       X Peanuts   
       X Soybeans  
       X Milk (including lactose)  
       X Nuts  
       X Celery  
       X Mustard  
       X Sesame Seeds  
       X Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphits (> 10 mg/kg)  
       X Lupin  
       X Molluscs  
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    Strang, Ok

    Love It!

    I have made parma and Romano with this. I was so thrilled when it came out of brine smelling like it was suppose too! Magical! Have done 3 swiss and waiting on aging to try it. I love this culture. So versatile and easy to use!