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Fromagina(DS)-5 pack (C31)

Fromagina(DS)-5 pack (C31) (C31)

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Developed by Bob & Ricki Carroll, this is a cross between Fromage Blanc and Mascarpone. Fromagina is excellent in cooking or may be served by itself as a delightful, creamy rich spread. This is an easy cheese to start with and we highly recommend...
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Needmore, PA

This is the BEST culture for goat milk!

I have been using this culture for several years with our raw goat milk. I use a fresh gallon from the morning's milking, add the culture and let it sit till the next morning. I then let it drain for several hours, add salt, and viola! So easy, perfect every time and so delicious! I make it several times a week and it is in great demand with family and friends. I use it for dips, as a ricotta or cream cheese replacement in recipes, or just as it is- scooped out on a finger tip! Really delicious!

Reviews 1-1 of 1