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Geotrichum Candidum (White) 1 packet

Geotrichum Candidum (White) 1 packet (C7)

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This mold powder will produce a  white to cream color surface and it plays a significant role in the ripening process for surface ripened cheese of the soft ripened or washed rind types. It greatly influences the appearance, structure and...
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According to suggestion I used this in conjunction with P.candidum on an otherwise benign goat cheese. The aim was for some kind of brie. I blew the proportions, gave it as much as P.candidum. The result was indeed exuberant growth of P.candidum and PUNGENCY in my cheese fridge. Ripening happened quite virulently fast, within just over a week the entire cheeses were runny... you could cut them open and pour them out. Fine tasting cheese but less than ideal to my nose. And a bit more difficult to handle once it liquefies.

NB don't let the cheese loaves touch each other. The rinds will join, tear on separation and therefore a leak!

Reviews 1-1 of 1