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Extra Glass Jars For Automatic Yogurt Maker (E79J)

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A yogurt lover's essential, set of eight 6-oz. glass jars allows for making up to eight different types of yogurt at one time. No need to finish the first batch before starting another! Lids for glass jars provide airtight storage in the...

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not exactly the same


From: CA
I ordered an extra set of these jars for my Euro Cuisine last year and they were a little different then shown. They did not have the date set thing(I didn't really care) and the tops were flat, not set in so they do not stack as nicely as the ones that came with the machine.

My family likes the single serving, which is why I bother with these but they get tedious to clean. They should not have that internal top lip. A straight wall like a wide mouth mason jar would be a better design. Also, the lids never truly tighten, they often pop loose when I move them in the refrigerator, or when they slip because they do not properly stack

Reviews 1-1 of 1