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Complete Home Cheesemaking Book Set (B1, B24) (BG1)

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We are now offering the books 'Home Cheese Making' by Ricki Carroll and 'The Joy of Cheesemaking' by Jody Farnham & Marc Druart as a set. This fantastic oportunity is for anyone who has ever thought about making delicio...

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Complete Home Cheesemaking Book Set


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From: South Jordan, Utah
I have been the most frequent borrower of Rikki's Home Cheese Making for ages! Last month I returned that book to the library for the last time. My sweet husband bought that and also The Joy of Cheese Making for me last month!

I retired early just a few months ago and every day, I am either making a cheese round for the cheese cave, whipping up a batch of chevre, farmhouse cheddar, yogurt, or buttermilk. I love making cheese and other milk byproducts and just since retiring, around Christmas, I have even made Colby and Parmesan for the first time ever!

I buy ALL of my supplies and cultures from New England Cheese Making Company. Thank you, Rikki and EVERYONE for turning me into the "cheese making queen" of my neighborhood!

Your loyal customer and subject,

Heidi Calder

Great Recipes!


From: Maine
This was my first cheese recipe book. I started out immediately making cheddar, and the steps were easy enough to follow. I was hooked!

Reviews 1-2 of 2