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Wooden Ring Cheese Mold - Small

Wooden Ring Cheese Mold - Small (M41)

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7-8.5"Wide x 2.3"High, hand crafted wooden cheese mold. This is a wonderful high quality mold that will be a great addition to any cheese makers treasure trove. This mold is used when making cheeses between 4 and 5.5 pounds. Limited quantity...

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Wooden Adjustable Ring Mold, Small


From: St. Louis, MO USA
I'm sorry to write a bad review, but this mold is very hard to use. The very thin strings and tiny holes in the wood make it nearly impossible to adjust when everything is wet.

The wood is so tightly coiled when new, I had to stretch it for over a week around increasingly large plates so I could even get it to open up enough to hold something near the cheese size it was rated for.

I suggest drilling 1/4' holes, buying nylon rope of nearly that diameter and retying everything. Also be sure to grease the mold with butter or crisco before use because the wood sticks to itself impossibly, and tries to snap the cheese out. The thin tapered edge tries to cut into the cheese too, instead of staying wrapped neatly around it as it should.

The traditional simple strap molds have two separate small blocks of wood instead of trying to incorporate a block in with the strap as this one does, making it needlessly complicated. The kind with the plastic strap and separate large sturdy wooden blocks are a breeze to use.

Reviews 1-1 of 1