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Bel Paese Recipe

Bel Paese Recipe (Bel Paese)

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Guideline for Making Bel Paese Style Cheese Although this cheese is normally made with pasteurized milk, it can certainly be made with a high quality raw milk. The guide I provide below however, will be for pasteurized milk. If you would like to...

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My Go-To Cheese


  • Beginning Intermediate Cheesemaking
  • Complex flavor profile
  • Short aging period
From: Texas
I have made this cheese about 14 or 15 times now. Always consistent, always fabulous. It is what I call my Go-To cheese as it is fun to make, doesn't take 4 months to age, and tastes wonderful. The multiple cultures in this cheese make for a semi-complex flavor profile yet everyone that I have shared it with, love it. My friend from Italy ate almost a whole cheese over a weekend. Now what more do I have to say!

Reviews 1-1 of 1