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Cream Cheese Recipe

Cream Cheese Recipe (Cream Cheese)

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You will also find the process and instructions are a rough guide for ripening and draining time, but more importantly, I have provided descriptions and visual cues to: Accommodate the differences in milk quality as well as milk/cream content Allow...

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A very good cream cheese recipe!


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From: Northeast Pennsylvania
I teach home cheese making mini courses here through Bloomsburg University. We use a number of recipes from the site to make our cheeses. A few weeks ago I ended with a 2 day class in which we made the cream cheese. We prepared it the night before and had it ready to start on Saturday. After we had drained it for about 14hrs we ended up with the best cream cheese anyone in the class had tasted. the end product was incredibly smooth and flavorful. We split the batch in half and made a vegetable cream cheese and the other half plain. We had ended with about 6lbs of it as we did a double batch. They ate it all on bagels and crackers. Thanks for a truly wonderful recipe! As a side note here, after we got home that day I found I had made an error in the recipe. Instead of 2 pts of heavy cream we used 2 quarts. We all had a laugh and decided that we'll keep the recipe with the quarts instead of the pints.

Reviews 1-1 of 1