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Halloumi Cheese Making Recipe

Halloumi Cheese Making Recipe (Halloumi)

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A Recipe for Making Halloumi Although Halloumi is traditionally made with ewe's milk and added cow's milk, I will be making it in this recipe with 100% cow's milk. You can easily substitute your own mix of milk if you like. I will also be making...

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3rd Times a Charm!


From: Angus, Ontario
Thank you for having this recipe posted online. I've tried a couple of different recipes until I came across this one.

Finally got it right, I made a double batch, using steam table inserts, a deep and shallow to make a double boiler. Holds 8 litres of milk easily in the medium depth pan.

Turns out that what I was missing in the first two messes I made was the calcium chloride. That turned the trick. Tasty cheese that browns up nice and oh so tasty. I put in two litres of buttermilk in place of the buttermilk culture. Lots of mint and brined it.

For those that don't know, this mediterranean cheese is great on a hot summer day, grilled on the bbq and with an iced cold beer. Or Sunday morning with bacon and eggs. Mmmmmm. Tastes just as good as the store bought cheese and less than half price.

So now I have the confidence to make more cheeses. Feta is next, followed by Colby and Cheddar. Building a cheese cave shortly! Oh yes, and I used a hamburger patty press to make the rounds, that worked out really well too.

Reviews 1-1 of 1