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Cheese Mat - 1 mat

Cheese Mat - 1 mat (SM1)

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These reed cheese mats are used for air drying cheeses, particularly soft, mold ripened ones. They are also used for the turning and draining of Camembert, Coulommiers and Brie. DESCRIPTION: 9"x9" Bamboo Reed Mat TO CLEAN:  Rinse well with...
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Works but there are better ways to dry

  • easy and natural
  • needs cleaning often
These work good but personally I don't like the clean up. If you're room drying for a couple weeks this mat will need to be cleaned every few days or you'll get mold between the reeds. And the twine used to weave the reeds together will leave indents on the cheese. I switched to using plastic mats. I just bought plastic canvas at a local hobby shop.

Reviews 1-1 of 1