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Cheese Cloth-for Lining Molds

Cheese Cloth-for Lining Molds (U1)

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Cheese Cloth for use with hard cheeses. CONTAINS: 100% cotton, 60 thread per inch, reusable Cheese Cloth.SIZES: 2 yard package or 60 yard boltUSAGE: Can be used for draining large curd cheeses, lining hard cheese molds for pressing...
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Great cloth!

I made cheese today from my Brown Swiss cow, after I had already skimmed most of the fat off for butter. I expected yield to be down a lot since I had taken the fat, but for the first time, I used the cheese cloth I had bought from you instead of the store bought cheesecloth. I actually had MORE cheese curds than before! Your cheese cloth is far and away so much better than what I could get elsewhere! Thank you very much.

Reviews 1-1 of 1