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Economical Dairy Thermometer

Economical Dairy Thermometer (E3)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
This 6" glass thermometer is the smallest and most compact that we have. It comes in its own storage case, reads from 0-220F and contains no mercury. 

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This little thermometer works great


I thought "how good can a thermometer under $6 be?" It works great. This thermometer came with the Mozzarella kit (the cheese is fantastic made with fresh, raw Jersey milk). I did make the thermometer a little more user friendly though. I simply placed the thermometer in a standard wooden clothes-pin. The pin has a little circle cut out in it (designed to fit a clothes-line) that the thermometer fits nicely in. I then just set the pin horizontally over the edge of my pot. Even in my large pot the end of the thermometer rests well into the gallon of milk. I use the stove-top for the entire process (no microwave), and the thermometer is accurate and more than sufficient for the entire process. I hope this idea helps someone else too; thanks for excellent cheese making supplies.

Reviews 1-1 of 1