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Stainless Steel Cheese Mold - Seconds

    WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! These molds have come through with a spot weld rather than a laser weld. They are being sold below cost while they last. This 7"H x 6"W heavy duty st/st mold may be used for pressing 2-4 pound hard cheeses. Drainage holes...

    Price: $55.00
    Cheeses & Wines of England & France book of cheese, book of wine, book of irish whiskey, book of cheese and wine, book for cheese and wine

      We are happy to offer you this wonderful book written in 1972 for your enjoyment. Mr Ehle was writing this book about the same time that Ricki was wondering what to do with all of that "extra milk" from the "Cow out Back" so that makes them both...

      Retail: $19.95
      Price: $10.00