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Yogotherm Yogurt Maker- 2-QT

Item #:E69 

   Our Price: $39.95
Availability: In Stock
Usually ships In 2-3 Business Days

2-QT CAPACITY. (BPA FREE) At last, a yogurt maker that uses no energy to incubate your yogurt. This insulated container maintains uniform temperature, thus avoiding hot or cool spots. It is light, convenient and easy to clean (only one container to wash).  The Yogotherm may also be used to incubate other lactic products such as fromage blanc, keifer, buttermilk, and cheese starter cultures when making a mother culture. As a special thank you, when you purchase your new Yogotherm Yogurt Maker you will receive a free Y1-Bulgarian yogurt culture (a $5.95 value). (BPA FREE)

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Q. I purchased the yogotherm and was wondering if I could transfer the yogurt after the 7 hours to small jars or would that disturb the bacteria?

A. if you move the milk at this point it will lose the consolidated curd that has developed during ripening and whey will separate from the curd when chilled.
Product Reviews
Overall Customer Rating:
Customer Reviews: 5
I'm hooked on homemade yogurt!
Mark the Fromagier
Plainfield, IL

This is a great, simple, non-electric yogurt maker! Just heat your milk to 180, cool to 110, add culture and wait. Took my third 1/2 gallin batch to get the consistency I wanted. For a thicker yogurt, I added a cup or 2 of dry non-fat milk powder and just about 2 envelooes of unflavored gelatin. For me, this adds needed milk solids for less than whole milk and the gelatin aids in thickening when it sits in the refrigerator. I added honey and vanilla when bringing it up to temp. Plus, it tastes fantastic and saves lots of money in the long run. Nice break from cheesemaking too and you can eat it right away!

I love this yogurt maker. I just got it and made perfect yogurt. I had tried several different methods and incubating it myself but the results were never consistent. I don't know if the bulgarian culture made the difference but it was wonderful!
Love my Yogotherm

I've been using the Yogotherm for 2 years now and LOVE IT! The yogurt is easy to make and so yummy! Not only can I control the quality of my yogurt vs. store-bought but we are no longer throwing away/recycling a plastic tub every week. I feel better about what we are eating because we can make it nonfat and organic and its a bonus that we are not adding to the landfill. All it takes is about 10-15 minutes then leaving the milk and culture overnight. I do use a gelatin at times to make it thicker but realistically, higher fat milk thickens more than nonfat so you can really do without that additive. My nieces love adding their own flavors to the yogurt with different jams and jellies while we like plain. Overall, a great product!
Holy cow - I'd give this 10 stars!

Just got my yogotherm a couple of days ago. This was my first attempt at making yoghurt, and it's absolutely the best we've ever had! Incredibly fast & easy. Used Stonyfield yoghurt as the starter, local organic skim milk, and about 10 minutes of work. I didn't need to use the suggested milk powder or gelatin to get it really thick, just followed the instructions for draining off the whey (also delicious - I'll use it in my cooking). Why-oh-why did I not do this years ago? I think I'm saving $4-6/week. Thanks so much for the best new product I've tried in years! (Also fast delivery and helpful customer service.)

The size wasn't a problem. I let the yoghurt sit out overnight in the yogotherm (at the suggestion of customer service), drained it for an hour or two, then put the yoghurt into a regular 1-quart yoghurt container for refrigeration.
Wow! Bigger Than I Expected

Well, I just ordered this. I was a little surprised on how big it is and hope I can find a place in my small Kitchen for it. I am new to making yogurt, etc. and have not tried it yet. We will see how it goes. I think this item is a little spendy in my opinion, none the less it should make the process a little easier I would think. At any rate, I'm very excited to give it a try! P.S. It would be great if this item would have come in different colors (just a suggestion to pass on to the manufacturer :-)).

The Yogotherm is a simple solution that works great. It makes 1/2 gallon of fresh, great yogurt at a time (I wish there was a 1 gallon size). The removable bucket is easy to store in the fridge - and clean when it is emtpy. It does not require electricity, so I do not have to worry about the hazard of leaving the thing plugged in. I just did a quick search on the Internet for other yogurt makers, and I did not find anything even close to this product for simplicity, durability and capacity (even though I still wish they had a 1 gallon version). We have had our Yogotherm for 7 years, and we are going to pick up another. The only negative thing I can say is that I believe the product costs about 20-30percent more than it should. I am going to buy a second one anyway.  
I bought the Yogotherm a few years ago from you. When it arrived, I thought I paid a lot for the plastic container and moulded styrofoam insulation, but I proceeded ahead anyway and have not been disappointed since. It has been a joy to use the maker and the yogurt always turns out fantastic. It\'s still got lots of life left, although the styrofoam insulation has gotten a bit yucky looking, and that is perhaps the only downside, that you really can\'t clean it up. But the bottom line is, it still makes great yogurt--and doesn\'t at all need electricity.  
Dear New England Cheese, We have already made yogurt with our new Yogotherm and find it to be very satisfactory. Thanks again for the great service. Tom Pinson, P.R. China 

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