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    American Farmstead Cheese is the essential resource for aspiring and experienced cheesemakers. This book is packed with cheesemaking history, technique, artistry, and business strategies.

    "This is a must have for anyone who is a cheesemaker, cheesemonger, or simply a cheese lover. From the finer points of artisanal affinage to the historical significance of cheese in society, this book has it all. Mr Kindstedt certainly knows his curd!"- Terrance Brennan, The Artisanal Group

    DESCRIPTION: "American Farmstead Cheese", by Paul Kindstedt w/ The Vermont Cheese Council (276 pages, paperback).Paul Kindstedt explores the rich traditions of European and early American cheeses and their influence on today's artisan and farmstead cheesemakers. Kindstedt combines his love for small scale production with his scientific expertise to provide a wealth of practical resources.

    For those who have made some cheeses and are looking to improve their skills, this is one of the best advanced books we have seen to date. It covers the history of farmstead cheese, milk characteristics, cultures, process, chemistry and aging, with an emphasis on acid production and it's role in the cheesemaking process.

    Features include: a fully illustrated guide to basic cheesemaking, explanations of milk composition, starter cultures and the chemistry of cheese, discussions on the effects of calcium, pH, salt and moisture on the process, ways to ensure safety and quality, and methods for analyzing cheese composition.

    Also in this book: Successful cheesemakers share their marketing plans, business strategies, personal setback and successes, and the unique creative spirit of artisan and farmstead cheesemaking.

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    From: Fayetteville, AR

    #1 Book for Serious Cheesemakers!

    If you are interested in furthering your cheesemaking knowledge, this is the book to own. Great reference, excellent technical information, highly recommend.


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    From: new york

    good book for the business

    If you are looking to get into the cheese making business this is a good read. It has a lot of technical information about the making of cheese.