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    This culture will begin it's role following pressing and cooling of the cheese and is a major factor in the flavor of mountain style cheeses, such as Asiago, Beaufort, and Gruyere. It's primary role in ripening is the breakdown of protein (Proteolysis) in the later stages of aging. This is of central importance for the development of cheese body characteristics and the formation of flavor.

    CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus lactis

    SIZE: 50DCU

    BRAND: Danisco Choozit (LH100)

    YIELD: Will set up to 250 gallons of milk. Can be divided into 25 gallon batches for farmstead use and 8-10 gallon batches for home use.

    DIRECTIONS: 1/2 teaspoon will set approximately 6-12 gallons. When using raw milk, reduce amount of culture used by 25-50%. This is to be used as a guide since setting temperature, stage of milk and type of cheese will call for specific amounts to reach proper acidification rate.

    STORAGE: Store in the freezer.

    NOTE: This product is Certified Kosher OU. Kosher certificate available upon request.

    Lactobacillus Helveticus can be used in combination with TA 061 culture to make a hard mountain style cheese such as:
    Emmenthaler and Gruyere etc.




    Description of Components

    X Wheat
    X Other Cereals containing gluten
    X Crustaceans
    X Eggs
    X Fish
    X Peanuts


    X Milk (including lactose) used as fermentation nutrient*
    X Nuts
    X Celery
    X Mustard
    X Sesame Seeds
    X Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphits (> 10 mg/kg)
    X Lupin
    X Molluscs

    * used as fermentation nutrient. Danisco has determined that fermentation nutrients are outside the scope of US and EU food allergen labeling requirements.

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    This description needs fixed.

    Most of the culture descriptions tell what cheeses the culture is used for. This one DOES NOT. However, it goes on in the first paragraph to say "a major factor in the flavor of these mountain style cheeses."

    What mountain cheeses? No cheeses are listed.

    At $23 a pack and very little info, I will not buy.


    • delicious%20flavor%20

    Asiago Pressato - Perfection

    By the time the asiago had aged to the three week point it was delicious - Mellow but flavorful