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    If you have already made a few cheeses and would like to learn more about what the various changes in the process do to change the quality of the cheese this is the class to jump into. My intent will be to teach more about the concepts involved in cheesemaking rather than following a fixed recipe.
    We will be making cheese that will not have you wondering what is going on 4 months from now. You will be able to see the results in a matter of weeks rather than months and this alone will accelerate your skills in cheesemaking
    The specific types of cheese to be made will be:
    • Havarti
      Havarti is a ripened Danish, semi-soft cheese which derives from the German Tilsiter. Originally it was sold either as a 3-5 kg bread-shaped or as a 5-8 kg wheel-shaped cheese. Today many varieties are being made, with and without a red smear.
    • Bel Paesa
      The name means “Beautiful Country” and it is a very soft elastic cheese when ripe. The elasticity of this cheese is primarily due to it’s high ripening temp and use of thermophilic culture
    • Taleggio
      This cheese from the Bergamo area of northern Italy might be one of the oldest soft cheeses. It is a delightful soft buttery flavor and a texture that becomes like soft butter when ripe

    Included in this workshop will be :
    .. tasting and discussing various styles of cheese
    .. equipment and tools needed for cheese making
    .. space requirements
    .. types of milk and how they are different to work with
    .. types of cultures their characteristics and how to use them
    .. monitoring the process by pH and titration measurement
    .. control of final acidity and moisture content of cheese
    .. salt application and how it changes the cheese
    .. wax vs natural rinds
    .. aging conditions
    .. how to set up and maintain a simple cave

    .... As those who have taken Jim's workshops in the past can testify, this is not just a great learning experience ... but a really fun time to boot ... No One leaves without a big smile

    The newest Workshop , "Soft and Semi-Soft Cheese" will be held here in New England.
    Jim Wallace (our tech expert) has designed this class for those wanting to jump into cheesemaking but would like to see the results of their efforts in less than 6 months. 

    Jim feels this is the perfect class for the new cheese maker since it lays down a great foundation on the concepts of cheese making plus offers a very short cycle to assess the final cheese.

    This class will take a look at 3 cheeses that will be ready to eat in 30-60 days. The 2 day workshop will cover the complete process for 3 very unique cheeses that span the range of cultures and process temperatures. It will begin with an analysis of milk and continue through the final aging requirements. Following lunch each day will be an opportunity to evaluate cheese and participants are encouraged to bring their cheeses for this.