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    In this second volume of the popular Cheese Slices series, Will Studd continues his cheese odyssey, exploring the fascinating history, skills and traditions behind some of Europe's best loved cheeses, as well as taking a look at the exciting revolution that is taking place in handmade artisan and farmhouse cheeses in southwest Ireland, Australia and the Unites States.

    If you've ever dreamt of savouring rare Spanish ewe's milk cheese, wanted to visit the alps to see how the finest Comte wheels are matured underground, or wondered about the famous caves of Roquefort and why Stilton is considered the king of English cheese, this seven part series should be compulsory viewing.

    CONTAINS SEVEN EPISODES (approx. running time: 190 minutes)

    1-The Irish Cheese Renaissance
    2-Comte Gruyere and Farmhouse Morbier
    3-Spanish Traditional Quesos
    4-The Legend of Roquefort
    5-Australian Cheese Pioneers
    6-Vermont Cheese USA
    7-Stilton- The King of English Cheese