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    If you’re partial to cheese, you’ll love this fascinating, entertaining and inspiring journey as Master of Cheese Will Studd takes you behind the scenes of cheese making in across the world.

    Disc One - contains six episodes (approx. running time: 142minutes)

    1-Gorgonzola/ Cave Ripened Tallegio
    2-Goats Cheese of Poitou
    3-Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano
    4-Pecorino Toscano
    5-Normandy Camembert
    6-Farmhouse English Cheddar 

    Disc Two - contains seven episodes (approx. running time: 190 minutes)

    1-The Irish Cheese Renaissance
    2-Comte Gruyere and Farmhouse Morbier
    3-Spanish Traditional Quesos
    4-The Legend of Roquefort
    5-Australian Cheese Pioneers
    6-Vermont Cheese USA
    7-Stilton- The King of English Cheese 

    Disc Three - contains eight episodes (approx. running time: 197minutes)

    1-Greece- Feta: Food of the Gods
    2-The Basque- Ossau Iraty Cheese
    3-France- Massif Central and Auvergne
    4-France- Soft Washed Rind Cheeses
    5-Savoie/France Comte- Cheeses of the Alps
    6-Switzerland- Mountain Cheese
    7-The Netherlands
    8-USA- New Farmstead Cheeses, North California 

    Disc Four - contains ten episodes (2-disc set, approx. running time: 270 minutes)

    1-The Champion of English Cheese
    2-Traditional Cheeses of Corsica and Sardinia
    3-Artisan Cheeses of Quebec
    4-Traditional Cheeses of Portugal
    5-Mozzarella and the Cheeses of Campania
    6-Farmstead Cheeses of Wisconsin, USA
    7-Authentic Haloumi Cheese, Cyprus
    8-Artisan Cheeses of the USA
    9-Brie From Brie and the French Affineur
    10-The Japanese Cheese Revolution

    Disc Five - Contains nine episodes (2-disc set, approx. running time: 261 minutes)

    1 Norway - The cheese legacy of the Vikings
    2 Sicily - Traditional flavoured Pecorino cheeses
    3 Denmark - The Nordic cheese revolution
    4 Scotland – Artisan cheeses from the Highlands and Islands
    5 Piedmont – Rare traditional cheeses from the hills and Alps
    6 Wales – Artisan cheese champions
    7 Tasmania - The new cheese Pioneers
    8 South East France - Traditional cheeses of Provence
    9 Germany - Artisan cheeses of Germany

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    MELBOURNE, 20 OCTOBER 2009 – Master of Cheese, Will Studd, has been awarded the distinguished rank of Officier of the L’Ordre du Mérite Agricole by the French government in recognition  for his services and support of traditional ‘lait cru’ cheese . The order is one of the oldest in France and the rank of ‘officier ‘has been awarded to just 5,000 individuals since its inception in 1883.  Will is the only Australian to be decorated with the rank of ‘officier ‘.

    France was the first country in Europe to recognize that many wonderful traditional cheeses made from raw milk were under threat, and encouraged regulations to ensure their future was protected.   In contrast Australian food authorities have banned the local production and sale of most raw milk cheeses since 1996.  Australians consumers are denied a choice, and the law ensures local cheese makers can never develop a credible cheese tradition.  This is unjust and I am very honored that the French government have endorsed the campaign for change. “

    Will Studd is the author of two award winning cheese books – Chalk and Cheese, published in 1999, and Cheese Slices, published in 2008.  He has also traveled extensively in search of some of the world’s finest artisan and traditional cheeses for his TV series Cheese Slices. 

    Cheese Slices is now already in more than 20 countries around the world and Series #5 is currently in production.