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    This class will offer some great insight into the cheeses of Italy .... This will be a focused workshop on Italian style cheeses covering several of your favorites.

    Jim Wallace (‘the tech guy’) will be teaching this extended 2 day class, and it will provide an opportunity to work with many of those Italian cheeses that require extended 'TLC'!
    This 2 day class will provide an opportunity to learn so much more and covers all aspects of the process in greater detail. This session will provide plenty of time to spend on problem solving and fielding everyone's questions on how to make better cheese

    So many wonderful Italian cheeses! .. Assiago, Parma, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Pecorino, Provolone ... but have you tasted these ... Taleggio, Robiola, Ragusano, Bel Paese, Cacciocavallo, Fontina .. to name just a few.
    This workshop will explore several of these cheeses and go into depth on all of the processes. The approach will be to break the entire process down into smaller concepts to make it easier to understand.

    The specific cheeses are determined to cover a range in cheese making processes which will give the attendees the tools to move on and explore a bigger range of cheeses on their own.

    This is a workshop for those who would like to learn more about what the various changes in the process do to change the quality of the cheese. My intent will be to teach more about the concepts involved in cheesemaking rather than following a fixed recipe.
    We will be making several cheeses as well as spending a good portion of the time learning about the post make aspects, such as rind development and cave aging with an emphasis on natural rinds.

    The cheese we will explore in this workshop are:


    A semi soft cheese and one of Italy's greatest cheeses. This is always the first to disappear when I put it on the cheese board here.
    Bel Paese
     This is a mild semi-soft cheese with a great flavor but done at a higher temperature. The name means Beautiful Country and a beauty it is.
    A stretched curd style between Mozzarella and Provolone. This is one fabulous everyday cheese. With a little smoke it is even better.

    Included in this workshop will be :
    .. tasting and discussing various styles of cheese
    .. equipment and tools needed for cheese making
    .. space requirements for home and small dairies etc.
    .. types of milk and how they are different to work with
    .. types of cultures, their characteristics, and how to use them
    .. monitoring the process by pH and acid titration measurement
    .. control of final acidity and moisture content of cheese
    .. salt application and how it changes the cheese
    .. wax vs natural rinds
    .. aging conditions
    .. how to set up and maintain a simple cave

    Cheese Making 201
    'Beyond the Basics'

    This is a fantastic class for those who want to go to the next step!

    Learn more about the concepts involved in cheesemaking rather than following a fixed recipe.

    Learn about the follow up.. such as rind development and cave aging with an emphasis on natural rinds.

    You will learn more about:..

    .. Equipment and tools needed
    .. Space requirements
    .. Types of milk and how they differ
    .. Types of cultures and
    ....how to use them
    .. Salt and how it changes the cheese
    .. Wax vs natural rinds
    .. Aging conditions
    .. How-to set up and maintain
    ....a simple cave

    and will also learn how to: ...
    ... Monitor the process by pH and titration
    ... Control final acidity and moisture of cheese
    ... The proper point at which to transfer curd to mold
    ... Details of post process finishing...
    ... to establish ...
    ... Smooth surfaces for natural rind formation and aging
    ... Pressing and salting techniques
    ... Proper rind development
    as well as many other aspects of
    natural cave aging



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    If you haven't been to one of Jim's workshops you are really missing out. Jim helped me solve a lot of the problems I was having in my cheesemaking and because of attending his workshop I am turning out some beautiful professional cheeses.